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Wishing to replace another

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have a girlfriend, who fell in love with me when I was struggling with my late woman who passed away because of cancer. This girlfriend didn’t tell me at the time of her feelings; they became true when my woman had passed away. We had plans to go on further together, but suddenly everything changed. What was the reason for her changed attitude towards me and do we have a soul mate relationship from earlier lives? How to handle this? I don’t know how to react when we are living in separate countries? Is there a possibility to get back together? I really want it. ~Esa, Sweden

ANSWER:  Your girlfriend observed the care you had for your woman and was jealous that someone could dedicate so much of themselves to another who had such problems. She didn’t really know that much about you but created a myth about getting the same dedication from you toward her. Most of this was part of a dream world she created with just the two of you. She couldn’t tell you about her feelings because they mostly had her taking your woman’s place to have your undivided attention.

Once you were free and available there was no need for you to give such dedicated action to anyone. Once she saw that you would only provide a normal amount of time to a relationship she was disappointed. She doesn’t want a normal affair; she wants to be the center of your world—being given all your attention. Her idea of a relationship is being placed on a pedestal and worshipped without having to reciprocate. She is very secretive about her life.

She is not a soul mate of yours. You have never had any prior life experiences with her. She does not want to have a normal relationship because she does not want to have to give to anyone; she just wants to be on the receiving end. Any connection with her would be one-sided. She does not share.

This is a lesson for you: One, to learn that life must go on and that there are other women out there for you. And two, to be discerning of the women who would throw themselves at you. You don’t need to rebound from your woman into another coupling so soon. Right now you are desperately seeking someone to hold you and comfort you as you did so freely. Put the energy out to the universe to bring to you someone who wants a sharing relationship.

Pressure to perform

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, how can we best connect with our guides in order to fulfill our purpose/mission here on Earth? For the last 12 months I have been feeling physically and mentally stressed because I feel like I have no clear purpose in my life work-wise. I try to connect to the divine but the thoughts/answers I get are clearly my own and they provide no answers. Please Masters show me how I can find my purpose. ~Elisabeth, Norway

ANSWER: Your questions clearly show that your personal belief system involves the fact you think a plan exists that you have not discovered yet. Yes and no! Before you came to Earth you had decided on a series of lessons you wished to work on in this life. These events were for you to be able to learn all about negative and positive influences on your journey. They were just chapter titles; the “living” part of your life was to fill in the subtitles and the rest of the material in each chapter.

Nothing is set in stone (predestination) because the prime rule for all human life is the ability to make choices. Everyone shares the same general purpose in life: to discover as much about your nonphysical Source energy as you can, and to bring your abilities into the human arena.

You are like many others on the planet who think they have to find what they were supposed to do here. Nothing is further from the truth. Waiting for orders is easy; you do not have to take any responsibility for decisions. But part of your enlightenment process is to make those decisions yourself and see how they affect your knowledge base. Stop putting stress on yourself and go with the flow of the universe around you.

You think far too much. Start asking yourself what you feel about a situation instead of what you think about it. Your connection to Source, or the divine as you call it, does sound like yourself because nonphysical energy has no vocal cords with which to answer in any voice besides your own. The guides who are there to assist you can only give you advice; they cannot tell you what to do because that interferes with your freedom of choice.

Relax, put your feet up, and feel what you want to experience next. Yes, we said what you want to experience—you are the one making the decisions. Enjoy your choices; nothing is right or wrong. They are just all physical experiences providing learning opportunities for your soul.

Are we witches?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, yesterday my fiancé’s mom and I had a life-changing experience. I tried to kill myself and my fiancé’s mom channeled me without my knowing. At the same time I was projecting to her without knowledge. She did every action I did to a tee and being experienced with weapons she could figure out how to work the gun. I couldn’t manage the pull back. She thought she was under psychic attack and called my poor fiancé, who was dealing with me at home. When she told him what happened, and her feelings during the event, it was a carbon copy of what I had done. Are my fiancé, his mom, and I practicing witches? How do we control these new-found gifts to use for good and our family’s well-being? ~Dana, North America

ANSWER: First, you are not witches. You are a group of very sensitive individuals who, through your connection and interaction, can “hear” the intense feelings others within the group are experiencing. Not only is your fiancé’s mother able to pick up on the strong emotions you are projecting, but she has them intensified by her son’s experiences as well. This is like a radio broadcast that doesn’t have a lot of power but is receivable by certain precisely tuned equipment. Your fiancé, when he is emotionally involved in a situation, intensifies further any energies that are around.

Your fiancé’s mother has been able to tune in to people before, but never under such intense situations. She thought she was guessing what someone was thinking, or that she had read their body language. Your emotions were so intense that she felt she was doing what she was feeling. This reaction is like a psychic attack, but it’s not really an attack, rather an interception of the energy.

Some people are natural receivers (picking up the thoughts of others) and some are better senders (projecting their thoughts and actions to others). You are a sender and she is a receiver. To make use of these abilities you need to practice. You can increase your reception ability with time. It is a useful way to stay in touch and to reach out to others. Only time will tell what benefits you will derive.