Protection and justice against demons

QUESTION: Masters, what protection is there for citizens of this world who have been engaged by demonic spirits and unlawfully held captive and tortured? When citizens of this world have human rights and freedoms seriously abused who do we call upon and who assures justice? ~Alma, Canada

ANSWER: Negative spirits in this world cannot just pop into your life and take you hostage. A discarnate, a soul that has abandoned a deceased body, drifts around for whatever reason with nothing but a desire not to return Home to unconditional love. It may want to get revenge for some believed acts against itself, or to experience a sense of control it never had while incarnate in a physical body.

Live souls in bodies have to give permission to these discarnates before they can enter into the person’s body. This agreement may be something as simple as the spirit saying, “I bet you can’t feel me if I enter your body,” and the person saying, “I bet I can.” This grants permission for the spirit to enter. Frequently, lonely people are first “courted,” and then when they express love or gratitude, the demon enters and takes over.

Souls come to Earth to live in a negative/positive duality. On a spiritual level, there is nothing that is unlawful or unjust about any experience that the soul undertakes. What you refer to as human rights and freedoms are ego-/judgment-based, third-dimensional societal belief systems. No human policing body even acknowledges the possibility of a human-vs.-spirit interaction. Third-dimensional people do not believe in nonphysical beings.

Spirits as positive souls, in their essential state of being, don’t judge any activity. Souls merely observe the event and evaluate whether an action they are observing is something they wish to experience, or something in which they choose not to engage.

Interactions a person makes in the third-dimensional, everyday world are governed by the social norms for that activity. This has nothing to do with spirituality, but everything to do with a soul’s experiencing its life lessons—the reason it is on Earth in the first place. A soul may even have chosen to incarnate in an area where human rights are not considered, in order to learn what that feels like.