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Breaking from history

Monday, August 4th, 2008


Q: Masters, right now in my life I feel lost and worried about my path. I have many different things that I am interested in doing, but the problem is I graduate from college in a year and I am afraid that I will get sucked into paying my loans and repeat my parents’ problems all over again. They exist by living from paycheck to paycheck. I want a different life. I want to be financially independent and have abundance.

A: The first thing you must do is to stop fixating on what you don’t want and start visualizing what you do want. Your thoughts have the power of manifestation. If you keep saying you are going to be just like your parents you will fulfill that prophecy and will become just like your parents.

Instead of being negative you need to define for yourself what financial independence and having abundance means to you. Then, being realistic in terms of your age and experience, see how you can begin reaching those goals.

What are you qualified to do? Start there and move forward. At your age very few people know exactly what will satisfy all their needs, and remember, your needs will change. You have had a number of prior experiences, each one preparing you for the future. You have already drawn to yourself the things you needed to experience so the past has laid a foundation for the future. It may not be readily apparent now but it will be.

Part of your upbringing has been steeped in draining all the confidence and self-worth out of you, making you question everything. Realize that you are a part of Source and as such are as magnificent as everyone else and endowed with the ability to create your future reality.

Honor the power within and go where your feelings direct you.