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Sex and the soul

Friday, August 1st, 2008


Q: Masters, what is the cost—energetically, physically, and spiritually—of having sex without the intention of creating new life?

A: It is important to remember that you are a soul who is having a human experience, not simply a human who happens to have a soul. The questions you ask depend upon a judgment-based society to obtain a single simple answer.

Human beings exist in cultural communities, each with its own belief systems regulating behavior. Individual souls have the freedom of choice to live life completely by the rules of their society or to exercise their choice to live as they feel they need in order to have their required lessons.

When born into a group, each individual’s initial belief system comes from family, religious, educational, and societal authority figures. Some people never vary from those first beliefs, while others change their belief systems, even frequently, based upon their experiences and needs.

Some religious groups state that it is a sin to have sex with any intention other than procreation. The “love generation” tells the world that you can only show people how much you love them if you are totally open and sharing. Some less-inhibited societies believe that the sexual act is a needed animal release and causes all kinds of problems if not relieved frequently in whatever manner is available.

Everything that a soul does while in a body is for the purpose of having experiences and learning lessons so that it may obtain knowledge that, when understood completely, turns into wisdom. For the soul, each episode in which it partakes within its incarnation is neither right nor wrong. The sole purpose is to gain knowledge about living in other than the unconditional love of Home.

The effect that any action may have upon your energetic, physical, emotional, or spiritual being has to do with the current belief system you choose to hold. It may also be affected by the lessons that you have chosen to experience, such as shame, guilt, betrayal, and lack of self-worth.

To answer this question in a simple manner, ask yourself if you are honoring the lessons you feel you need or must experience.