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Understanding yourself

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, a recent relationship ended and I’m still conflicted about what happened even though I know I shouldn’t be because I created its ending early on. How can I refocus on myself and not on him? He continually abandoned me emotionally and mentally, eventually financially as well, all while telling me he loved me but also being abusive. I think he truly believed that he loved me and did the best for me and still blames me for everything. I had my own insecurities and fear that drove some abusive behavior on my part that I’m having trouble looking at. I’m angry at him but know that it’s not about him. ~Emilia, Canada

ANSWER: Everything that you are talking about concerns life lessons that you set up for yourself, starting with finding out who you are in this lifetime by dealing with your interpretation of yourself. You brought this relationship to yourself so that you would have material to work with in understanding some lessons.

Ask: Who am I? Why do I behave the way I do? Why did I feel the way I did about my boyfriend? Why did I allow him to treat me the way he did? Answering these questions will give you a lot of information on how you see yourself.

You are very lonely and deeply desire to be needed and loved. You will do anything to get the attention you crave, even to letting others abuse and betray you. To start a relationship, you do whatever the other person wants because you don’t have enough confidence that you are worthy of being with this person. You allow them to “make” you into their dream person. When you have been pushed sufficiently and uncomfortably into something you can’t stand, you rebel and strike back.

These lessons were never about him; they were about allowing you to see yourself. Every fear and doubt that arises in one’s life is a neon sign that a lesson lies underneath. Go looking for these signposts; start questioning how you feel about each and what it is that makes you feel that way. When you reach back into the onset of these feelings, you will see causes that you can work to understand and then release from ever affecting you again.

Wanting a teacher to guide me

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I think I spiritually awakened about 2 years ago and then I’ve been wondering what on Earth is happening here. It is difficult to find my purpose here on Earth. I feel myself as outsider, like I don’t belong here. I have not had any physical guide on Earth (parents or friends or teachers) who would really care and tell how to do things. All have left too soon. I have been in many relationships and they all have been very difficult, why? I feel difficult to fit anywhere. How I will find my purpose here. I’m ready to do anything to find it out. ~Arttu, Finland

ANSWER: All souls are outsiders to the Earth. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to come to the planet to learn about ourselves in the duality of humanhood. Every soul’s purpose for coming is to see if they can understand who they are as a soul, not as a human, and to use their inherent essential powers and abilities to make “heaven on Earth.”

Each soul is on a solo journey, and the purpose of guides is advising only. No one, from the spiritual perspective, will ever tell you what to do. They are not around to show the way or to take your hand and lead you. Many “guides” have been in your path but were available only to give you possibilities and to show you things that had worked for them but might not be appropriate for you. They did not stick around too long because you have a tendency to become dependent easily.

Part of the human journey is to exercise your freedom of choice and to take responsibility for the resulting consequences. You found your relationships to be difficult because you did not share with your partners but wanted them to make all the decisions. And learning the lessons that you chose was not intended to be an easy task. It is only when faced with a negative incident that you have the ability to analyze it and decide to continue or turn it into a positive (i.e., learn your lesson).

Look inward for your direction, not outward for someone else to tell you what to do. You, as a soul, have all the answers inside if you take the time to dig them out. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and commit to doing the necessary work.

Sex and relationships

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve tried to find the lessons in various relationships. It seems as if I’m stuck in a pattern with partners and focusing on their needs, which I thought was a positive thing. I struggle with a lack of a physical relationship. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a real lasting romantic relationship without the physical aspect. Should sex be important in our lives at all in this human experience? Is this attachment to sex an addiction or just desire? ~Erica, US

ANSWER: Society has convinced you that it is your job to focus on the needs of others instead of your own. Souls come to Earth to find out who they are as souls and to understand their powers and abilities as pieces of Source. It is a singular journey, not one requiring a partner. Society has brainwashed all humans into thinking that they need a partner to fulfill themselves during their human existence.

In your case, you do need a romantic relationship to help you find out who you are. You need to be honored and treated as the divine feminine energy of which you are composed, not as a servant to the desires of another. Whether this includes a physical sexual element is to be determined by you and your companion.

Sex is not a necessary part of a romantic relationship. It is, however, something that can only be experienced on Earth while souls have physical bodies. Again, society has indicated that the only purpose for two humans to be together is to have sexual communion and to bring offspring into the world. That is not a spiritual concept or necessity.

Sex is beneficial to the physiological health of the human body. It releases hormones that make the body “sing,” releases mental and physical stressors, and creates a closeness that only this act can bestow. It may be a desire or sometimes an addiction. Mostly it is an intimate sharing uniting two persons. Is sex absolutely necessary? In the spiritual sense, there are no absolutes and nothing is right or wrong. In a physical sense, it is a reward for putting up with physicality.