Changing another

QUESTION: Masters about 8 months ago after I divorce I met a man and we fell deeply in love for each other and we’ve been living together since then. Now I’m pregnant of 12 weeks and I’m going to be a mother for the first time, and we are looking forward. The father is a lovely family guy, but he has a dark past and some psychological/emotional issues still to deal with, and he is very moody. He drinks almost every weekend and when he does I feel bad and sometimes it looks like he’s possessed by something evil. He made some compromises but difficult to stick with it. Masters, is this child coming to change our life for better and change his father into the better man that he can be? What can I do to help his transformation? ~Luciana, Finland

ANSWER: Every soul makes its own decisions through its universal freedom of choice. The soul of your child is aware of the situation between its parents and chose to come in order to witness and learn from the lessons you are sharing and working to complete.

There are no absolutes during one’s journey, just a series of interwoven decisions driving you in one direction or another. Your man has an addiction to which he has dedicated a large portion of his life. The introduction of a child will not automatically change the way he approaches his challenges. He has to make the choices that can change his behavior.

He drinks to escape his fears and anxiety. When he drinks, he opens himself to the negative energies that surround him; it is almost like a possession, but he has not invited any of them to enter into his body yet. He has a strong inner strength that he does not see. He sees only pain and fear. He must want to truly change and face the darkness inside.

Those psychological/emotional injuries from his past will remain until he routs them out. As long as he continues to run away through drink, he will never be whole. It is hoped that the love he feels for his child will encourage him to take the steps necessary to be the perfect father for the child and spouse for you.

Be there for him and help him by talking through his nightmares. Lack of communication is something that led to his misconceptions of the past. Don’t let him shy away from his truths. He does have it in him to change.