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Evaluating life’s journey

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I am a part-time regression therapist and I also work as a social worker in the mental health field with children – love both! I am looking for guidance around how to grow my regression practice but I also feel drawn to get the connected spiritual message out more. Any guidance around where to direct my energy? Greatly appreciated! ~Jenean, Australia

ANSWER: You are thinking that there should be more to your life then you are experiencing. Your work in both fields is tremendously beneficial to those you serve. We cannot tell you what is right or wrong because that interferes with your freedom of choice but we would encourage you to find a way to continue to pursue both of these beautifully fulfilling talents.

Regressions are becoming more popular as the media is recognizing the validity behind the concept of reincarnation. Word of mouth is the fastest and best way to become known. Short demonstrations at hypnosis events, spiritual fairs, and even at libraries and community centers go a long way to spread awareness, interest, and a demand to partake.

Within your mental health work there are ways to bring in the hypnosis to lessen otherwise untraceable problems plaguing your clients. Discussions and workshops for your associates will introduce them to all the benefits available. If you take a few of these steps you will find you have created a demand for your expertise.

Understand also that there may be some people who seek your services that will resist your efforts regardless of what they tell you. That is their problem alone and there is not anything you can do about it. Don’t be vested in the outcome of your work. Your intuition will assist you in finding the direction necessary for the progress of your clients.

The universe, your guides, and the guides of perspective clients will enable people to learn of your services. When you are ready, place a virtual signpost out into the universe that the “office is open and ready” and your phone will start to ring.

Trying to make up my mind

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my question is that I usually find myself trying to connect with people, although I am not stable with my decisions I change my mind all the time and I am pretty intellectual. I always try to seek for answers and things don’t make sense on this planet unless you take it to a spiritual level. How do I let my soul guide me on this journey? ~Maria, USA

ANSWER: Intelligence has nothing to do with making up your mind – it sometimes proves to be a detriment. When you have unusual amounts of input (information gathered from multiple sources), you need to wade through all the material to come to a conclusion if you are just using your thinking process. You get directed one way and then find something in the opposite direction that interests you more. If, instead, you rely upon your feelings for an answer, you are accessing your own experience without going through all the opinions of everyone who has ever given you advice.

The reason things don’t seem to make sense is that you are comparing the contradictory views of all the various contributors. When you convert your thinking into the spiritual prospective, you filter out the negativity and ego judgment and are left with the unconditionally loving evaluation.

Your soul is inside of you. Your soul speaks to you through your intuition and feelings. Remove yourself from the need to judge, and all other negativity, and seek to surround your life with nothing but love and understanding. Always ask “what do I feel about this” instead of “what do I think about this.” Do things only if they resonate with you.

Solicit advice from your guides and follow it if it feels good. You have freedom of choice; no one should tell you what to do, and a spirit who is of the light will never tell you what to do. Honor yourself.

Judging lives for contentment

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, there is a saying… “ask for it and you will receive ” I have everything in my life what other people wish for but I feel these things don’t matter, I never wished for the things which I have in my life though I am deeply thankful for them. I just go with the flow but still see people working so hard to achieve the things which will never give them inner contentment. Can you please comment. ~Rima, India

ANSWER: Our first comment is why are you spending so much time concerned about other people when you haven’t completed all your life lessons? Everything you say deals with the human ego judgment in society and balancing negative against positive potentialities. A spiritual person puts these things aside to reside in unconditionally loving energy – while honoring the journey that other people have chosen, not taking time to condemn it.

How do you know what the lessons of anyone else are about? How can you say that they will never attain inner contentment from their labors? What does that even mean to another? You cannot be inside of them and judge their satisfaction with their endeavors.

You have your own path and should be focused on that alone. What about those tiny fears and doubts that exist in everyday life? They are indications that a life lesson lies within and that you need to deal with it. Staying in judgment means that you are assigning way too much energy to your ego – that is where you need to focus. Strive to remove all the negativity and make your life totally positive in nature.

The phrase you state in the beginning is an indication that one has connected with their true essence and recognizes the powers and abilities they have as pieces of Source energy. Aspire to delve into those abilities and bring them to the forefront. Learn to use these powers to understand why you came into this incarnation and to finish your lessons.

Once you have stepped fully into the positive, nothing will matter to you but your own journey – which is why you are here anyway. Physical needs and desires will be a thing of the past and unconditional love will be your future.