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Matching parents and child

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’m 34 and have been married for 10 years about 5 years ago we began actively trying to conceive a child. It has been a difficult journey, but it has brought me to a beautiful place in my life. Although I still ache for this soul to be born I know that it will happen at the perfect time. My question is how do we call a soul to be born to us? Does the soul we conceive have to match our vibration? What is the soul that I will mother waiting for? ~Chelsea, USA

ANSWER: Whenever a soul decides that it desires to have a human experience on Earth, it first chooses the life lessons it wishes to learn. In order to have certain lessons, souls must enter into an environment that will assist in providing the staging for that education. For instance, to learn about addictions, they could go into a family of alcoholics; for physical or psychological abuse, into a family with an abuser; or for discovering self-confidence, into a family with a domineering manipulative parent. If all they require is a certain location on the planet, that may be the only consideration in the choosing process.

Sometimes the soul has pre-planned with one or both parents to complete a dual lesson between them. All parties maintain their freedom of choice, so at any time they may choose to stop or delay the entry of the soul into the fetus, or change their mind about even starting a combined exercise.

The particular vibration, or degree of enlightenment, that a soul possesses does not initially come into play with a matchup between parents and child. When coming into the duality of Earth, almost all souls, because of their amnesia, are affected identically by the influx of the negative/positive balance. And souls already on Earth may not have reached their potential of wisdom because of pending completion of life lessons.

In your case, it is well known that you seek to provide life to an eager soul. Many have “interviewed” you by accessing the possible learning situations provided. They have noted the conscious and unconscious aspects of parenthood expressed by you and your husband.

First things first, learn to relax a little more over the process. Enjoy sex for the wonderful physical emotional experience that it is. You can “feel” these unique sensations only through the physical body. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

When the time is right for all of you, in will pop the soul!


Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters how do you see the practice of astrology in our human lives? Should astrology be used as a predictive tool or is that affecting our free will and choices? ~Kanerva, Finland

ANSWER: Astrology, generally recognized as the influence of the planets upon the human body, has been documented throughout human history. The moment of birth gives you an indication of the potential that the incarnated soul has within that particular body, caused by the influence of the celestial bodies. It does not determine what is going to happen to that person, just what the energy background will help facilitate.

The influence of the planets at the time of your birth is twofold. First you have what most people plot, which is the exact time and place of the body’s entering into the world from inside the mother. But a second, also important, time is when the sperm joins the egg and begins to divide. Again, the planetary impacts are suggestions that can be followed or totally disregarded, and choices can be made to go a different path.

Souls may take their initial potential and ride along with it without making any changes, or use it as a springboard to propel themselves beyond their natural inclinations in a direction of their choosing. This explains why those of a shared astrological sign might appear to differ greatly from each other.

Some of the characteristics that seem to dominate within an astrological sign may be part of the lessons chosen by the soul to see if they can understand and learn from the situation. Tendencies toward passionate domination may be a lesson in control; ultra-sensitivity may be experimentation with intuitive abilities; dealing with material goods as a trait allows a stage for seeing if you can let go of ego and turn to love.

You are a soul who has chosen to incarnate on the physical plane. Your physical body, being composed mostly of water, is affected by the movements of the planets throughout the solar system. Like a piece of wood in the ocean, you can let yourself be completely influenced by the movement, or you can swim or paddle away from where it is pushing you. Nothing overrules the soul’s freedom of choice.

When does help come

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters during a pendulum session, my guides said that I needed to call Master Koala for help with a particular situation. The message given by Master Koala was of great comfort. Do the Masters only come to us when we are deeply distressed and how does their work differ from our guides? ~Querida, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Any information provided by a nonphysical source originating from the unconditionally loving universe can be referred to as coming from a guide of one sort or another. A soul generally has made agreements with certain other souls that they will watch over and provide assistance to those who have chosen to come to Earth. These are sometimes called personal guides.

Your personal guides usually do not stay with you your entire life since you have need for help from specialists, in one subject or another, from time to time. This would be like having a scholastic tutor, a love coach, and a spiritual guru when you enter each of these phases of your life.

A master is a soul who has spent many, many lives, perhaps hundreds, studying one aspect of human living until they have experienced every potential within that category. Masters may have one or more areas of specialization and are more than happy to provide assistance – but you need to ask; they cannot interfere without an invitation.

Even with an invitation, a master or a guide will never “tell” you what to do because that would compromise your freedom of choice. They will give suggestions, options, and possibilities but will never say: “Do this.” If you have ever had an experience where a nonphysical energy has told you, in no uncertain terms, to do this or that, that energy was not a being of the light but a discarnate still attached to the Earth plane. These beings do not have to be truthful, and they enjoy causing trouble.

Masters and guides are always available; all you need to do is ask. Once you have established a dialogue with a few of them, you will find it very easy to have them as friends who are there when you need them – no crisis is necessary.