Possibilities for a soul

QUESTION: Masters it is said that a soul can be in more than one place at a time… So, is it possible for one soul to be incarnate in two bodies at the same time? Also… time, ‘at home’ is not linear as it is on earth, so is it possible for a soul to travel back in time to live a human life in the past? ~Jane, United Kingdom

ANSWER: A soul, in its energy essence, has the ability to be in more than one place at a time. Bodies are used for the purpose of learning life lessons on planet Earth and take most of the soul, and almost all of the awareness, to fulfill that task. When engaged in a teaching/learning process, the soul can only do one “in-body” at a time. It is impossible to be in total awareness and incarnate in more than one body at a time.

Those who have experienced past-life regressions, where they project themselves back into a prior incarnation, get the idea that they are living both at the same time, but the actual learning process is occurring in only one at a time. The visitation is to a re-creation of the studying done in another time and place.

When it comes to the choice a soul makes as to incarnate-type experiences, they may do so in any Earth time phase of their choosing. History buffs in the twenty-first century may get intrigued by life in the seventeenth century and decide their next life should be there – that is, if they remember it and it still seems important when they are making choices for a new life. One may also choose a situation in the “future” time of where they are currently existing.

Souls are omnipotent when it comes to choices and settings. Each has a council of twelve other souls who help them set up the parameters of the future learning scene. Again, no one makes the choices for the soul, but plenty of advice is available for the asking.