Spiritual benefits of autism

QUESTION: Masters I live with an autistic child and it seems to me that he has a keen perception of the energies present. Is his autism an enhanced capacity for consciousness? Are autistic people naturally enlightened? ~Eu, Brazil

ANSWER: Autism is chosen by some souls in conjunction with the souls who will serve as their family and associates. Others use it as a platform for exploring human characteristics that do not occur in any other way. It may dovetail into life lessons they desire to learn or be selected as a challenging set of mannerisms to try and fit into society.

What you have observed in your child is not a choice of all souls choosing autism. Your son remains in contact with souls present on the Other Side of the veil and communicates energetically with them. He is completely aware of those in spirit form, so in that regard, he is naturally enlightened – if you use the standard of understanding your essence as a soul as an indicator of awareness. This is not, however, a consciousness within his human mind.

Since his contact with the mainstream of society is limited, he does not have to justify why he thinks and feels the way he does about things that others cannot see or perceive. When it comes to his interaction with spirits, he is unaware that he is rather unique in that perception. He has never been informed that “they do not exist” as a normal child would be told.

He is a perfect example for those who would allow themselves to see that if you are open to all possibilities, there is a lot that the majority of mankind is missing. In his case, autism gives him an innocence, so he is not questioned about this particular difference.