Where is my money?

QUESTION: Masters I have worked all my life, (almost retiring) but I’ve never had enough money to make my dreams come true. Why I don’t have enough money to buy a house, travel abroad with my children? All doors are locked to my dreams. Why? I pray for understanding and to be happy when other people are happy and their dreams are coming true (when mine are not). What am I doing wrongly? How can I go on? Help me please. I want wisdom to live my life! This planet is so beautiful, I’d like to travel and learn other cultures. I also want wisdom to guide my children as good human beings. ~Simone, Brazil

ANSWER: Where do you get the idea that you had planned to have a life anything different than you have experienced? Not everyone will be able to attain everything that they can possibly imagine within their lifetime. The important thing is that you have learned the lessons you came for and understand who you are as a soul.

Dreams can be totally unreasonable, and what happens for someone else may have been done merely for you to observe and learn from the observation. You chose the situation in which you find yourself. Making the best of what you have will bring you happiness if you allow it to.

Wisdom is the result of understanding what something is and why it has occurred. It is not just a knowing of the possibilities but the probabilities existing within your environment. It is an examination of the results of your choices and what you have learned from understanding them.

Your present situation does not have to continue unless you keep seeing it as the extent to which you can grow. When you consistently tell yourself you don’t have what you desire, the universe thinks that is the way you want to live, so it accommodates you.

When you retire, explore the possibility of volunteering in other lands. Study up on customs in places you would like to visit so you will fit right in. Express to your children that they do create their own realities but they have to have the building blocks before they can build it.