QUESTION: Masters, would you share with us your thoughts on manifesting, where thoughts create physical realities into 3D form? Are some events and things pre-destined already? And can we create whatever we desire to experience from a state of love and non-resistance? ~Kerry, UK

ANSWER: All souls are pieces of Source energy and therefore have the same powers and abilities that Source contains. That is your essence when in energetic form and carries over into an incarnation only to the extent that it does not interfere with the choices made for learning in that life.

For instance, you could theoretically heal or regrow an injured appendage if your lesson did not consist of learning to deal with the limitations imposed by that condition. But it could be done after the lessons of dependency and flexibility were achieved.

Manifestation is the method by which a soul creates their own reality in a human plane. The purpose of it is to promote the educational process by producing the ideal environment for the chosen lessons.

Since the purpose a soul incarnates is to learn about using the powers they have and the tests they chose, enlightenment comes only through unconditional love, faith, and trust in who you are. Every time you learn something and incorporate it into your human existence, you are manifesting your future for that lifetime.

Nothing is absolute in the learning process, so nothing is wholly predestined or predetermined. Loose goals are chosen for the direction of your existence, and your freedom of choice decides how they will progress.

The idea of manifestation has many envisioning successes and riches. That can be a part of your life, but it is not the ultimate destination. Use it to complete your chosen life lessons and then move on to the enjoyment phase that is left over before you return Home.