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Bilocation not different bodies

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, as you said in another message, a soul can only inhabit one body at a time. How to explain cases of bilocation like when Sai Baba could be seen by a group of people in India and by another group in a totally different part of the world? The same occurred with Catholic St. Father Pio when he lived in a small town in Italy but he could be seen in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and also different parts of Italy. ~Jorge, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a difference between a soul’s using its abilities as an unrestricted Source energy to be seen in more than one place and its having the ability to live two entirely different lives in two separate bodies simultaneously. The purpose for a soul to enter into a body, or incarnate, in the first place is to learn more about itself and the peculiar characteristics that appear only in a negative environment.

The soul accomplishes enlightenment by using its freedom of choice to remove its existence from ego judgment and redefine itself within unconditional love evaluation. First comes the knowledge of the choices and their implications, and then comes the wisdom of being able to apply these practices to any similar circumstance.

Once a soul has completed all, or most, of its chosen lessons, it has let loose of any connection to negative energy and is bathed in its essence of positive love energy. When all negativity is gone, anything that is possible for the soul to do in its energy alone it can do with its body accompanying its intentional desires.

As with all powers in the spiritual realm, a soul performs its desires merely by intending. For instance, it is possible for one to project their image, or even their body, to another location at will, which is what has occurred with the souls you have mentioned and many others. But understand that this is the same body within which they learned all their desired lessons, not another chosen for the journey. They simply have the intention to be seen in more than one location at the same time. It is similar to using the Internet to appear in front of people all over the planet at the same time.

Choices and life lessons

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters what is going on with a person who decides not to take over control of his life? What happens to those who escape from Life? ~Indre, Lithuania

ANSWER: Every soul comes to Earth for their own reasons, which we call life lessons. No two people, even biological identical twins, share the same plan for their existence. The lessons are as varied as the population. Some people are studying what it is like to be controlled by others and to see if they can figure out that they have the ability to take control of their lives for themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of challenge.

Sometimes out of fear, or the need to deal with an even more important chosen lesson, souls will allow themselves to be controlled so they can go on with their desired business without having to worry about day-to-day necessities. People draw to themselves the situations that will allow completion of their desired tasks while human.

Sometimes a soul has been too exuberant with their choice of lessons to be accomplished in one lifetime and may be so overwhelmed that they just want to go back Home and start all over again. That is their choice. This may be seen as escaping life, but it is still their choice.

Escaping, or suicide, is an accepted action within spirituality because nothing is viewed as being right or wrong. All things are undertaken for the ability to learn from them and to evaluate their need to be done over or completely ignored if the information is no longer viewed as desirable.

Honor the choices of other souls and don’t judge their decisions. What you are doing may look as unimaginable to them as their choices do to you. Ask yourself why these particular questions are of interest to you. It means that somewhere within your consciousness is a desire to understand, evaluate, and learn from these actions.

Interpreting life

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder why my life runs so incredibly smoothly, when others (even my most spiritual friends), have many dramas and difficult challenges? I feel truly blessed/grateful and wonder why I am so fortunate. Is it just my perception, or is my life actually easier than anyone else I know?! ~Angela, Australia

ANSWER:  When a soul looks into undertaking a human incarnation they mostly don’t do it frivolously. They will decide to continue something they began in a past life, or they may choose to start a new investigation into some other characteristic of humanity they have not tried. Since all lessons are accomplished only within a negative environment, a good deal of fear, doubt, tension, and drama accompany the setting of their life.

One of the aspects of this human existence is each person’s ability to be able to choose exactly how to deal with the surrounding energies. Just as you determine how you wish to respond to things impacting your daily life, you do so for everything that comes to you.

When you go outside and it is raining, you determine how you look at that event. Do you scowl and get in a bad mood because you may get wet? Do you turn your face up to the rain and rejoice as you catch the fresh water in your mouth and smile? Do you think about how this will allow new growth in the environment around you? As you can see, the choice is truly yours alone.

The fact that you are having the thoughts that provoke your question indicates that some of your own life lessons are hanging around requiring you to give them heed. First off, you are judging how you compare to others rather than just observing without commenting on your own status vis-à-vis theirs. You are questioning your own evaluation of your life with a hint of guilt for being different. Whenever any types of feelings like these pop up in your life, it is a sign to delve into them and see why they are there.

Doubts and fears are signposts that learning may be had. You wished to see if you could rid your life of ego judgment and become an observer and witness for others. A witness is a person who has no contact with the life of another but stands as an example of an alternative to the life they are experiencing – somewhat like a standard by which they may gauge possibilities.

You don’t need to judge your life against any other – just live it to the fullest, examining and learning from everything you draw to yourself.