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The origin of everything

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I have been wondering that if everything is coming from “home” and we are all going to get back there some day, what will happen with all that negative energy? Will it come “home” too? ~Tuuli, Finland

ANSWER: Everything that exists anywhere originated from the Source, Creator, god, or however you wish to refer to it. Once the souls are broken off so that Source can experiment and find out the opposite of perfection and what it actually is, that is where its direct influence in each individual’s future ceases.

Home is a realm of unconditional love where no negativity at all can exist. Earth was created as an environment composed of equal parts negativity and positivity. It is unique in exhibiting those characteristics. Negativity does not survive anywhere but in that plane, so that once a soul has decided to return Home, it can expect to enjoy nothing but positive, unconditional love.

The balance of positive and negative remains the same on Earth, whereas if sections of it were bled off with each departure, there would never be an equilibrium. Not all of the negativity has to exist in the incarnate bodies; those who have left their bodies (died) but do not yet wish to go Home stay around mostly to maintain contact with negativity. Therefore, that part of the negative division is in the nonphysical – but Earthbound – realm, with spirits called discarnates.

Discarnates are sometimes called dark spirits and try to influence those still in body to help them get revenge from someone still in physical form. They frequently do not know that they have died so they revel in maintaining their negativity. These can turn into ghosts or poltergeists, which haunt living souls to accomplish what they were unable to complete before they died.

Once the ghost, discarnate, or wayward soul decides to return Home, they cannot do so until they release all the negativity they are holding. That negative energy is then absorbed into a soul who is seeking it. This returns the negative energy to the physical form and also maintains the 50/50 balance.

The power of faith and intention

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I had the experience of witnessing a moving statue of Mary in Ireland. There were thousands praying the rosary in acknowledgement of what they were witnessing. I could feel the collective energy of all those focused in prayer. It felt very powerful, as if we could together move a mountain. Could you speak on this feeling of collective energy? And the purpose of the moving statue. It seemed more than just devotion. ~Anne, US

ANSWER: Every soul creates its own reality. Each person’s reality is unique unless they join in collectively thinking, intending, and therefore creating a unified illusion. This is all part of people’s ability to manifest what they need to complete their life lessons.

Souls have the same powers as Source once they accept that they do and then believe and come to know that they can use them. If you have an ability but never develop it, you will not know it is possible. When a group of people are together for anything – whether meditation, participating in a healing circle, or joining in a religious practice – their power is exponentially enhanced. If everyone’s intention is focused on the same result, it is possible to produce what some would consider a miracle.

Your belief, and that of all those in attendance, was that you would observe a “moving statue,” so that is what you created. Everything in this universe is composed of energy. It has no physical substance until you “believe” that it does. If you do not think something is thinkable, then you will not be able to see what others perceive even if it is right in front of you.

Humanity is so powerful that groups of souls have gathered together on occasion to protect areas from forest fires, tidal surges, and tornados. Most would say this is impossible, but faith in one’s ability and concentrated intention, with no doubts present, can move the proverbial mountain.

Regretting choices

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I’d like to know how can I go on… My life (husband and I) was really bad. Two years ago, after 20 years we divorced and have a 10 year old son. I started working as massage therapist and love it! My ex-husband is in love with another girl and this is hurting me… I’m feeling betrayed… I’m jealous… I can’t stop crying! I see our relation so different now…I forgave him, asked him to come back, but he doesn’t want it (he blames me because he had problems with my father!). Should I insist in showing him we could live together again? Or just let him go? I need someone to talk… I’m so lonely! I need to share all the love I have inside of my heart… I can’t stand this anymore… Does he really love me? Will I find somebody who really loves me? My self-esteem is too bad! ~LavíNia, Brazil

ANSWER: Wait, wait, wait…are you even listening to yourself as you write this? You divorced this man because it was clear to you that you and your ex were not compatible and were miserable together, and now you are making yourself miserable all over again because he has moved on? Let him go! Nothing you do will make him want to return to you. You are divorced!

You may have forgiven him, but he doesn’t think he has anything to be forgiven for, since in his mind all your problems originated from you and your father. He will never see your side of the picture. He does not love you and never loved you to the degree that you loved him. From the very beginning, you just accepted his unreasonable behavior because you thought that was what a wife did. Once you began to realize how unreasonable he was being, that was when you got a divorce.

One of your life lessons is exploring love. You think you know how to love someone, but you can only love another to the extent to which you love yourself and you have no idea how to love yourself. When your entire life is outside of you, and you never consider how you are feeling inside about what you are doing, you are disconnected from life.

Start by deciding what it is you think about yourself. You say you are lonely; well, when you aren’t connected with yourself, how can you connect with anyone else? There are other men out there who would cherish a woman like you and wish to share a loving family. Don’t sell yourself short. Know that you are beautiful and desirable, and present yourself in that fashion to the world.