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Equalizing energy

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, a community project I am involved with has made no progress for over a year because we have been unable to purchase the piece of land we require to build it. There are some who are involved in the project who I believe have become afraid of the scale of the project, and this negativity has caused a block to its progress. Am I correct in this assessment, and is there anything I can do which will remove the block and enable the project to regain its momentum? I have visualized the piece of land in question being flooded with light to try to dissipate the negative energy. Is this likely to be effective or must I wait for those who are afraid to step away from the project? ~Melanie, UK

ANSWER: Your stagnation goes a little deeper than your fears. There are some involved who never thought the project would get off the drawing board. The scope of your design is the creation of a village with all the controls needed to run and empower it. This is scary even to those who have been part of similar projects.

This is a spiritually powered endeavor. People who think of themselves as enlightened frequently do so because they like the sound of the concepts and can easily repeat them. The problem is they never accept their own unconditionally loving essence and therefore feel they are at the mercy of those in power instead of being at the center of the vortex.

Your project is possible with the application of manifestation once the blockages are removed. This property would be good for your usage but there are others out there who have even better energy. The owners here are ambivalent about selling this parcel, creating another hurdle for you. Locals are putting pressure on them, as well, to force another, more commercial use of the land.

You need to flood your group, as well as the land, with massive doses of positive energy. Reach out for other possibilities. Your sight has been myopic and blinded to just this piece of land. Look at a map through half-closed eyes and find areas that give off light. These are places of energy suitable for building. Before you go on, have all those who still feel very positive about the project join in an energy circle, with the intention of adding power to your work, visualizing your completed work. Start each session in this way—it jump-starts the manifestation.


Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, all my life, I’ve never felt like I truly connected to my culture or place of birth. I also feel that the soul mate I’ll eventually end up with is in a foreign land as well. Despite being relatively well-travelled, several attempts to migrate overseas have always ended in failure. Right now, I’m just soul weary and wonder if there’ll be a way out of this in the future? ~Jaymee, Singapore

ANSWER: You have lapsed into a “poor me” state of thinking. You learn as much from what you consider as failures as you do from the successes. Not feeling “connected” to things is an indication to you that you intended for parts of this life to be done solo. But your desires are to be a part of something, a family, a country, or a soul mate combination. You feel a need for security, which you believe can only come from a union with others.

All souls are part of the Creative Force and have all the powers that entails. You don’t need anyone else. You can bring to yourself whatever it is you wish to experience. The energy in that part of the world is not the best for the body which you inhabit. The feeling to move elsewhere is due to this discomfort.

To successfully move you must see it as a solo event in which you set all the parameters. Visualize what it is that you desire, send that picture out to the universe, and then start looking for advertisements that fit your description. Accept that you can create this move and new employment.

Also, start spending more time loving the person you are. You have looked for love outside yourself and not tapped into the incredible source at your fingertips. You can only love another to the degree that you already love yourself. Start practicing connecting with that love within; it is extremely powerful.

Not all members of the opposite sex who would make fantastic life partners are members of your soul group. They may simply be traveling on the same path with the same objectives that resonate with your soul. Feel those that you come in contact with for this match.

Communication continues

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I lost my oldest son in January 2007 and miss him terribly. But I know and believe that it was his time to return to spirit as he had completed all he came to do here in his Earth life. We have had many lives together and agreed that he would make his exit before I did in this life. The love connection with him is so very strong and unconditional. I have spoken to him many times in spirit and advised that my job is to write a book of our communications, and the fact that we do not die. I cannot however get myself to work on getting this book together. Much is completed but my mind does not stay on track. I feel ‘scattered’ and possibly letting him down bothers me so much. Is this confusion I am having with thought a way of spirit telling me to just take a break and return to the book at a later date? ~Kathleen, USA

ANSWER: Yours is a beautiful story of learning about your true essence while still in human form. Your and your son’s souls have been together in a number of lifetimes. In each you have taken turns to be the stimulus for one of you to complete the story of the pair. This time is for your completion.

There is no timetable; there is not even a mandatory compliance. You are free to choose what to do and when to do it. Souls on the other side never intend to put pressure on those still in body form. Your son is just subtly reminding you of the action you felt you wanted to fulfill in this lifetime. He will not be disappointed, or entertain the thought that you have let him down, if you don’t complete the work.

Your problem is the closeness you had with your son, and still feel for him. When going into your story you yearn for him to be physically with you. The important message of your work is life after death and the way you have proven to your human body that it exists.

Take some time if you choose, or start with baby steps. Outline the chapters; write the ones that are fact based and not emotionally charged first. Don’t feel you have to write it from start to finish. Take sections that flow and fit them together later. Your problem has been trying to be too organized, and then you feel scattered because an important part comes pushing forward to be attended to before others.

Go with the flow of the energy that surrounds you. Let your freedom to choose your direction take over. Your son will always be there cheering you on, but not exerting pressure—you do that yourself.