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A wonderful world and you

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am reading books about Earth changes and shifts starting from 2012 till 2029. It says there will be too many changes on planet Earth as well as in human body. People will prefer equality, care and love for each other. There will be no competition, fear, or control of one human on other, no corruption, no violence. Humans would be able to decide how long they want to live, total control over death and no disease. There will be no poverty, everyone will have enough to live comfortably & more importantly everyone will have freedom to decide what they want to do. Is this future reality? If this is going to be true, I need to know am I worthy of living in such era? How I can prepare myself for these changes? I would love to live such wonderful life. ~Rajkumar, India

ANSWER: The utopia you have read about already exists—just not here on planet Earth. What is described is a place without duality, a place of unconditional love—a place exactly like Home except that, unlike Home, the soul decides to stay in a human body. Your soul makes the choice of where you want to be and when.

Earth was established to be the only planet with a duality—positive and negative energy in balance—so that souls would have an opportunity to study life lessons and gain wisdom to use in other aspects of existence. Other planets were constructed so that souls could experience the things you have just mentioned. The primary theme of all having freedom to do as they choose exists everywhere now; people just don’t accept that as a fact, or won’t because they fear taking responsibility for their choices.

Is this future a reality for your physical planet? No. Earth will remain a duality for souls to come and learn their chosen lessons. Some souls will have enough wisdom to no longer need duality, so they will go to unconditionally loving planets to experiment with a physicality void of lessons.

Are you ready for this type of existence? Only you can answer that question because your entire existence as a soul is based upon total freedom of choice. Prepare yourself for a continuation in this life and whatever you choose for the future by accepting your nature and learning as much as you can about your abilities.

All souls have the same essence. They have the same origin: Source. They have the same potential; they just don’t accept that they do. Accept your essence and create the future you want to see.

Essential powers and the human state

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, what is enlightenment? What is nirvana? Can any human being achieve them? Can we stay in that state for the whole of our lives? Or can only certain human beings achieve this? Can only gurus and masters and those further along the spiritual path achieve this in a lifetime? Or can any of us do it in any one lifetime? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Enlightenment is the conscious awareness of your soul essence. It is accepting, believing, using, and becoming the magnificent, all-powerful, all-knowing being that you are. It is the state of living, in your human form, in nonjudgmental unconditional love.

Nirvana has many different interpretations on Earth within various religions and belief systems. To some it is synonymous with heaven, the ultimate in rewards for living a good life. To us it is coming Home to unconditional love and freedom from the limitations of a physical body.

The purpose for a soul’s entering a life of duality here on Earth is to be confronted with negativity from which it can learn through its choices. Ultimately, if the soul finishes all its chosen lessons, it will be able to go on without needing negative experiences. The soul may then seek to bring its essential powers and abilities into its life, creating a nirvana on Earth through its enlightenment.

Humans have difficulty going day to day without anticipating some reward for the negativity they have to live through. They don’t realize that the accomplishment of understanding the test is the reward they sought before they became human. They create a need to be able to achieve things others talk about—enlightenment, nirvana, or mastership—without having any idea what they mean.

If your soul has completed its tasks and you wish to remain on Earth without returning to your unconditionally loving Home, you must learn to create those conditions on the planet. Judgment must be banished; you must think only of evaluating what you observe. Accept that each soul is on its own journey; love each soul for that journey even if it physically impacts you negatively. Love all souls equally for the essence within. These are the actions of an enlightened soul.

Putting oneself out as having all the answers that must be followed without question is not being enlightened because that is seeking to take away a person’s freedom of choice. We suggest you do as we often say: don’t accept anything anyone says—including us—unless it feels right to you. You can do anything that you choose to do and in which you invest your energy.

Learning to live with others

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, downstairs is an Arab who oftentimes hammers and drills during nights. This is literally driving me insane, because I´m bipolar and need my sleep to remain balanced. He and his family consistently ignore my requests for consideration. On the other hand they won’t tolerate anybody annoying them in any way, and intimidate everybody around into submission. How to deal with tyrants like that? How do I find a way to coexist with others in a way that feels meaningful? In general I don´t enjoy the company of others, and avoid people. How to get a life that feels worth living? ~Maria, Denmark

ANSWER: Living on the planet is a constant compromise of your wishes competing with those of the people around you. When you need to experience a life lesson, it will be drawn to you. Your current living condition is all about your life, what you learn from it, and what you don’t learn from it.

When you share walls, floors, and ceilings with others you do not have control over your environment. You can never get others to do anything they do not choose to do. Complaining to the parties or the landlord will be useless unless they are sympathetic to your condition and agree they have an obligation to comply with your wishes.

The more you fixate on the noise, the louder it will become. The more upset you get over their inconsideration, the more troubled you will feel. You are letting the intensity elevate because of your socialization difficulties. To help modify this situation, try to desensitize yourself to people.

There are people who experience life as you do. Look for them. Share coping skills. Learn to self-hypnotize to block out noises. Try going to an exercise class to help you get rid of the stress that makes all noises impact your body. Find the self-love you are running away from by working on the problem rather than complaining. Your life will improve dramatically.