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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Here you are again at a crossroads. For you it is the end of the recognized calendar year upon which international business is based. It is not everyone’s “New Year”—there are nationalities, cultures, and religions whose year does not begin on the first of January. It is a significant date, though, because people have to remember to change the suffix of their date notation by one digit. It is no longer 2011, but is now 2012.

Dates, as you know them, are constructs of human beings. A much more accurate measurement of the passage of time is made by following the movement of the celestial bodies through space. The Mayan calendar and the Vedic calendar both are based upon these transits. Each records the entire configurations of the totality of positions each planet has relative to the others during one cycle of rotations. This entire processional takes over 26,000 years. Both these historic calendars end on December 21, 2012, since one complete cycle will have been completed and another started on its way across the galaxy as noted in each record.

Does the end of these calendars foretell the end of the world as you know it? NO!

It just records a finish and a new beginning of the planetary cycle. So, what about all these dire predictions of devastation and judgment? Remember that judgment exists only on Earth, not where we are, and that human society flourishes with people judging one another. The threat of annihilation provides leaders of society, who want to be in control, with a new excuse for taking over decision making and, possibly, choosing who gets to stay. In the meantime they want people to panic and come on board with their theories of salvation.

What of the horrific predictions that have been made? Yes, some of that stuff is true. What! Is the world going to be destroyed? No. The planet is merely being affected by the movement of the other planets. Just as your puny little moon affects large bodies of water, causing tides, the huge planets out there put gravitational pressures on the Earth and cause it to stretch and contract.

What does that mean will happen? It means that the land-mass plates making up your planet are shifting when the pressures pull them this way and that. That causes earthquakes, which cause tsunamis, flooding, changes in river directions contributing to droughts, and so on. The movement of the Earth’s crust also opens up vents to the bubbling core of the planet, and bingo!—you have a volcano.

The poles are also tipping out of their regular magnetic position of North and South, which results in migratory animals, fish, and birds not knowing where to go, or going in the wrong direction. Pressures are changing the shape and velocity of the trade winds, which is affecting weather patterns. Weather is like it has never been in recorded history, but then you’ve only recorded a couple of hundred years.

Is somebody mad at the Earth and trying to get even? No, it’s just part of the 26,000-year cycle. What does it mean to you? It is the beginning of a new age. You will have to use your initiative to compensate for some of the natural occurrences. Look forward to helping to build a more user-friendly world in places where nature gets rid of the old. Start thinking for yourself and taking responsibility for your space.

Spiritually, things are even greater. As the planets have moved into this last phase during this past decade, the interference between dimensions has been disappearing, facilitating the ease of direct communication between us and you. Those of you who have allowed yourselves to be receptive, have opened a dialogue with us so that we may advise you concerning the opportunities for exercising your freedom of choice. We will never tell you what to do but are always ready to help with advice.

On planet Earth, there is, of course, a negative side to this communication. Everything there has a polar opposite, so negative energies can build with the same intensity with which your guides’ positive energies increase. This has resulted in conflicts growing upon the planet. There are more wars, terrorism, genocide, and persecution occurring now than ever before in your existence.

As pieces of Source energy, you are all extremely powerful souls. Exert yourselves! Send unconditionally loving energy out to your fellow human beings, choosing to love rather than hate them. Choose to build rather than destroy. Choose to work and help all people to learn their life lessons so they may enter into an existence of unconditional love.

Learn to live life with love, light, and laughter—and teach others to do the same.

Happy New Earth Year to you!

The Masters