What’s my future?

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder what I should do to earn money to live? What am I born to do? Today, I work 50% with people who are struggling mentally. I feel that this job drains me of energy, and I think quite a bit of stopping work there. This year I studied to be able to do hypnosis regressions with Past life Regression Academy. I like to give healing. Do you have any advice for me? ~Vigdis, Norway

ANSWER: You can do anything you put your mind to. There was no one particular thing that you had decided would be this life’s profession. You wanted to search around and try a number of things. You are a very giving and caring person, but you have allowed others to take your energy from you; that is why you feel so depleted when you work with people. Even if someone has mental, emotional, or physical challenges, that does not mean you have to allow them to take your energy.

You must learn to honor your own path. You are very sensitive to negativity and that is how your energy gets drained. It is imperative you set up blockages to prevent others from taking energy from you without your consent. Surround yourself with protective white light whenever chaos is around. Pull in extra pure unconditional love energy from the universe so you have some to give to those in need. Whenever you sense strong negative emotions or energy near you, fight back by bringing thoughts and feelings of the happiest, most positive memories you can.

One of your strongest assets is empathy for those around you. It is also one of your biggest problems. You need to learn when to accept the feelings of others in order to be able to help them, and when to block it or give it back to them so they may acknowledge what it is causing their problem.

Empathy would be a fantastic tool to use with your hypnosis and past-life work, enabling you to find core problems and help direct clients in ways to work through difficulties. You must, however, reject and shake off their negativity at the end of a session and repower yourself with positive love energy.