Global finance

QUESTION: Masters, governments all over the world are struggling to find a way to lessen the impact on the public of the current financial crisis. Is there a sound policy for fiscal reform that they can adopt? Do spirit guides play any role in giving such advice?

ANSWER: Ah, here we go again. “Can you tell me what to do?” “Make my decision for me and tell me the best way to do things.” “Is there only one way to do this?” “Please take the responsibility for this situation away from me and only let me have to worry about the good life.”

The current financial condition of the various governments and countries on your planet has as many causes as it has cures. Greed and lack of accountability to others, for the use of their money and potential, created your problem. The first thing that will balance out the resulting distress is to know what is actually involved.

Everyone dropped into panic mode and most still have their heads buried in the sand waiting for the debris to cease falling. They must stand up tall, look around, and take inventory. Until the agencies know what they have left, they are unable to know how to use what they have to remedy their mess.

You are hearing more horror stories every day because those in charge are themselves still discovering more depleted funds. No one had their eye on the ball and it went rolling into the gutter-and some financiers haven’t even discovered that their ball is missing yet.

We can guarantee you that those who were only playing around and not watching the store would not have heard a word said to them from this dimension. Their ego was, and in most cases still is, king. To hear your guide you have to accept that existence reaches beyond your physical boundaries and that someone “up there” might know and be able to see more than you could ever possibly be aware of.

Now, if those seeking to help balance the monetary situation again wish to seek help from knowledgeable guides on this side of the veil, we are more than happy to lend our assistance. We do not foist ourselves unbidden upon incarnates, but must be asked for help.