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Market crash

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I am an investment manager for a number of people. With the current crash in the market I feel that I am in the wrong business. I weep for my clients and the losses they have suffered, and I am not sure what I can or should do. Can you give me some advice?

ANSWER: The entire world financial market is undergoing a readjustment based upon third-dimensional (earthly) reality. What has happened to your clients’ funds is the result of thousands of variables over which you had absolutely no control. Your clients entered into the financial scene to make money, and just as in any other business, there is no guarantee that gains will occur. Your market is famous for warning investors that “past performance is no guarantee of future return.” For the moment, chances of success are not unlike those of winning the lottery.

You read the market correctly to anticipate trends based upon past performance. You were not careless or reckless with your accounts. Just as a landlord cannot be held responsible to his tenant for the loss of use of his rental property due to a tornado or fire, you have no responsibility for the resulting disaster.

Your future will be dictated by your freedom of choice. It is natural for any caring individual to feel sympathy for those who have lost goods, money, or property through no fault of their own. The market will stabilize and begin to recover. The timing of this will depend on all the same forces that precipitated the crash. All investors will need agents with cool heads to assist them.

Use this situation as a lesson in the illusion of control. As much as you might believe you are in control of events, in your case buying and selling what you thought would produce the best returns, you have absolutely no control over the millions of other investors, companies, and government agencies that influence the market. No one thing controls the trend.

Go with the flow, and continue to observe and learn.