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Manifesting expectations

Monday, October 20th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, if the soul is really doing the driving in our human life experience and wants to have certain experiences, does anything we do in our human form really change things? I ask because, honestly, I have not been able to manifest things that I as a human being want in this material world. If it was my soul’s intention to delve into the feeling of frustration, I think we’ve done that enough already.

ANSWER: It is interesting that you use the term frustration. It is a duality-based concept where the reality you need to create to learn your life lessons conflicts with the expectations of your human mind. Frustration occurs when you fight the circumstances you find you have drawn to yourself.

Within every daily experience it is possible to find lessons that are needed to move you forward in growth to a full understanding of your purpose on Earth. Living by expectation of what is possible obscures the minor but integral pieces of that learning. You do not see what is truly there but only that you have not accomplished what you think you should or want. This prolongs the time it takes to finish your lessons and get to the point where you are free to move on to desired experiences, such as manifesting for the simple fact of experiencing.

When a person becomes fixated on a certain outcome, and will accept that and nothing else, you will see they rarely attain the specific expectation. One of the reasons for this is that from moment to moment our knowledge and experience are shifting. Say that you wish to manifest monetary prosperity and become a millionaire, and you forsake all else in the search of money. You may get there by being ruthless and deceitful and completely miss the knowledge of self-love, self-worth, and the feelings of giving to and sharing with others that could also result in monetary rewards.

If you maintain a set expectation as an indication of growth, you will miss the opportunities available along the way that are even slightly divergent from your course. The reality that you were creating was constantly changing based upon your needs, so your expectation got further and further away from your desires as they existed at the time of its making.

If instead of expectations, you envision yourself prosperous in all aspects of your life, you will be aware of the steps you had to take to get there. These steps always include the lessons you pre-decided for this lifetime.