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Return without debriefing

Monday, October 6th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I have read reports which state that, when souls’ lives end in a violent manner, such as by suicide or murder, they don’t always go back Home but sometimes reincarnate almost immediately to complete their lessons. Does this in fact happen? How often is this “short circuit” a part of a soul’s journey?

ANSWER: Some of the spiritual writers talk about a soul being “stuck” on the wheel of rebirth. The image this brings to mind is an unconscious figure frantically running round and round on an exercise wheel without making any progress at all. The practicality behind this occurrence is that the person cannot exercise freedom of choice to get off the wheel because of being unaware that that is even an option. A soul jumping from one violent situation to another without time to plan what to experience is on a merry-go-round to nowhere.

Each soul’s experience of human life on Earth begins without the memory of any other existence. During the lifetime some knowledge may come when the soul has completed its lessons and becomes aware of its essence. Each soul chooses the lessons by which it may seek to gain wisdom. A lesson is fully learned only after one steps back from the action and integrates the intricacies of the scenario.

Every soul journey has a planned set of lessons. If no planning is undertaken before the life begins, there is no direction to that specific lifetime.

We are not saying that a soul has never chosen to return to a new life without making plans for it, but it is extremely, extremely rare. Why would you jump into another car and speed away after your previous car had been wrecked, when you have no idea why, where you are, or where the road will take you? Also consider that you would come back as an infant this time to parents whom you don’t even know about. You would then have to spend years growing to a stage of being able to understand even the current situation, much less why, every time you get into your car, you fear the possibility that it will crash.

The vast majority of souls take the time to try and figure out if they learned all the lessons from an experience, and therefore have no need to repeat the same situation, before they jump back into a similar cauldron.