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Multi-life lessons

Monday, October 13th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, you have said that it is very rare for a soul, after experiencing a violent death, to hop from one body straight into another body. Professor Ian Stevenson has recorded many cases of a soul coming back to the same family or tribe, and sometimes being born with birthmarks which strongly suggest wounds or deformities that belonged to the deceased person. How common is this and why does it happen?

ANSWER: Some soul groups create extremely complicated life lessons with other members of their group. These lessons may take several generations or human life cycles to complete. After the first physical death the soul may choose to honor its commitment to a soul mate by coming back into the human family almost immediately to continue the lesson.

Generally you will find these family soul groups in areas where the society has limited or no interaction with the rest of the people on the planet. In this way, the reincarnated soul may come back with amnesia, but there are many soul mates around who assist the infant in getting right back to the business at hand, the completion of the contract.

In most of these cases the turn-around time for reincarnation is shorter than average because the window of opportunity, the life range of the other parties, is short. Generally the soul will even come back into the same family as a sibling, grandchild, niece, or nephew. Because these continuances must occur during the duration of someone’s physical lifespan, frequently the soul’s initial life is terminated abruptly by accident, murder, suicide, or illness.

The energetic intensity of these uncompleted contracts carries over from one life to another, resulting in the recorded birthmarks, physical deformities, and even sensory deprivations such as blindness or deafness. One of the causes is that the soul has not had the time to integrate the energy needed to understand the wisdom behind the activity (being killed, maimed, or dealing with these deformities) before coming back. These are residuals and reminders carried to assist the soul in getting right back into the interrupted lesson. Some of these lessons are for the benefit of the returning soul and some for the soul that remained. This sequence of events does not happen very frequently.