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Source of negative energy

Friday, October 10th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I am a therapist helping women who are dealing with a lot of abuse issues. Some of them come to me with palpable negative energy attached to their bodies. Am I in any danger of this energy attaching to me? Or worse yet, infiltrating my being? What is it that I am really feeling? What is the nature of this negativity? What should I do?

ANSWER: First, we wish to thank you for the work you are doing. Choosing to help other souls understand and learn from their life lessons is a very necessary part of the awakening of those still within the fog on planet Earth. While you perform this function within the appearance of third-dimensional (human) psychotherapy, you are always using your own spiritual awareness as a guide.

The energy you are sensing comes with the events your clients are battling. A negative energy, whether it be the aura of the event or the cause, can be held by the victim as she continues to allow herself to be victimized because she doesn’t recognize she has the choice to end this victimization.

In rare cases this is a discarnate, normally the perpetrator of the offense, who has clung to your victim by invitation. The deceased offender is so caught up in the negativity of his life that he doesn’t know he can return to the unconditional love of Home. The client, feeling that she deserves abuse, unconsciously invites the discarnate to come in to help by continually reliving the event. The discarnate will not jump to you unless you invite it into your world. Getting the client to revoke the invitation, by realizing that she can do so, will free her.

In most cases the energetic negativity you sense comes from the constant thoughts of the victims themselves. These women chose to experience sexual, emotional, and physical abuse as a way to find their own self-worth and inner strength. Until they have learned how magnificent they truly are, they believe they must feel this hurt, so they cling to it. This energy then permeates every aspect of their life.

If you reach out and embrace this energy, as a way to understand your client, you will feel it and its origins substantially. This may be a way to help facilitate a bridge for getting the woman to understand why she cannot break free of this negativity. In this case you can feel this energy with the express purpose of understanding it but without allowing it to join with you. It is important that before you undertake such an action, you have clearly expressed your intention for a sampling only, and also that you have called your guides to be near to ensure your separation from the energy.

Remember always to protect yourself with the intention that all your actions are for the highest and greatest good of yourself and your client. Clear any lingering negativity from your body and office by joining with the unconditional love of your soul. It is the “Mr. Clean” of the third dimension.