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Mind power

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I have been reading about psychokinesis and telekinesis and I wish to know if it is real. Is it possible for people to do things with their minds? I’ve seen on YouTube people bending spoons and making objects move inside of covered containers. Are these things really being performed by the person? Or are they faked?

ANSWER: Psychokinesis (mind movement) and telekinesis (thought movement) are phenomena that may be accomplished by just about anyone on planet Earth. We can tell you, however, that not all of the examples that you have seen on YouTube and other places are actual psychokinesis or telekinesis demonstrations.

During our messages to you we have told you that energy is everything and everything is energy. Therefore it is easy to see that one form of energy may have an effect upon any other form of energy. One of the most recognized instances of this is the ability to manifest. Manifestation is using your conscious mind to create or bring to you that which you desire to experience. Affirmations, chanting, and mantras are all ways that have become accepted parts of our lifestyles to create an environment that we choose.

You may have had experiences confirming that you and your friends have been thinking about exactly the same thing. Or someone whom you have been thinking about calls and opens the conversation with, “I’ve had you on my mind a lot lately.” Your thoughts—energy—have traveled to the location of your friend’s thoughts and have been recognized. These are instances of telekinesis.

In psychokinesis you deal with objects instead of personal thoughts. It is possible to concentrate on a metallic object and feel the molecules and the spaces between them. An object such as a spoon may be made to become soft as you concentrate on the connection between each molecule to the extent that it may easily be bent and twisted into another shape. An object may also be moved without touching it when you interface with the energy around it and create a flow of particles carrying it along.

A very useful example of psychokinesis is energetic healing or balancing. The practitioner’s thoughts help direct the universal energy to the location of an imbalance to facilitate its correction.