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Deciding your vote

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, modern elections are exhaustively followed by the media. As a result of all this information we get to know more about some candidates than we do about some of our relatives. Is it best for us to decide how to vote by putting more reliance on candidates’ policies? Or should we be giving more weight to what we evaluate to be their character?

ANSWER: As we always begin when you ask us to make up your mind for you, we say that you are on Earth to exercise your freedom of choice. Elections create unusual circumstances. You must first determine whether you are hearing in these media blasts the truth or simply fictions that one side or the other wants you to accept.

During a campaign many things factor into people’s general knowledge. The candidates have a picture they wish to present of themselves. The party to which each is affiliated has an agenda it wants to implement. The opposition wants to ridicule or blacken the image of, create fear of, and erode confidence in their opponent. It is within this hurricane that you receive your information.

During your present life you may have come to believe that one particular party stands for one thing and another for something totally different. Some people do not get beyond this reliance on history and will listen only to pronouncements from this source. But just as in the stock market, past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

Your question implies that you believe the candidate will fulfill all the stated policies he or she stood for during the campaign. However, whoever assumes the position sought will undoubtedly be presented with situations that could not possibly have been envisioned during the campaign; therefore, there is no policy that can cover all eventualities.

Let’s step back a moment and consider where all this conjecture has taken us. You may have spent an enormous amount of energy upon an issue that means nothing to your spiritual growth. You are right in saying it has an impact upon you because you are still in physical form. That we concede.

To answer your question, rely upon your awareness of your soul. Reach out for the vibration of each candidate. Do you resonate with the energy he or she puts out when speaking? Going over the multitude of interviews and information available, how does it feel to you? Is this person someone in whom you sense a basis of honesty and sincerity? Would you trust this person to drive your vehicle with your soul on board?

You have all the tools you need to make an evaluation. Don’t rest on the belief systems of another. Trust yourself.