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Increased interaction

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I know that I am becoming more aware of my soul and those around me. Lately whenever I walk through a store I notice the store personnel are more pleasant, more friendly and helpful. My neighbors who were very standoffish, almost running away to avoid contact, have begun engaging me in conversations. Is this all the result of my awakening or is something else involved in these changes?

ANSWER: Congratulations on your excellent personal progress. As you have become more aware of yourself, you know who you are and fear has all but disappeared from your life. All animals can sense the fear in another and it makes them uneasy. Humans avoid each other, canines and felines try to exploit this fear. You are no longer a threat to anyone, and some are so deep in fear themselves that they want to be with you to find out your secret or just to feel safe.

You have also reached a higher level of vibration because you are no longer held down to the Earth by belief systems and responsibilities that are not your own. You are perceived as a breath of fresh air and a non-polluted environment all want to share. In this new state you will continue to be noticed by others. Do not be surprised if total strangers talk to you, and people don’t seem to want you to leave once engaged. Don’t be concerned; you have freedom of choice and may simply say to them you have to be on your way.

There is also another factor that has shifted interchanges between humans. The state of the world has lowered a veil of fear over the planet. Since people are not spending as they are accustomed, sales personnel are outwardly soliciting business by trying to befriend those in their stores. When there were almost too many customers to service clerks became curt and surly; now they are sweet and friendly. “Don’t you want to help a friend by making a purchase?”

People living in close proximity to you formerly felt very self-contained and safe all to themselves. In the current hard times, however, they never know when they might have to borrow something or ask a favor, and they figure you have to know them to respond affirmatively. But they also feel your energy and that is why they are approaching you rather than some of the other neighbors.

Remember that you do draw to you what you need to experience, so all of these occurrences have something to do with your continued growth. Be aware!