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Fearing attachment

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, how can one have a physically intimate and loving relationship with another person and not become hopelessly attached? I enjoy feeling human emotions, but does being non-attached mean I don’t experience missing or wanting to see someone, and being a bit sad if I don’t? I’m not speaking of extreme emotions, just acknowledging changes in emotions. I know the goal is to be equal in every situation, but doesn’t that make one a bit bland?

ANSWER: You are selling short the whole human experience you are having. One of the reasons that souls choose to come to Earth is to have a body so they may enjoy the sensations that only the body can provide. The variety of activities is part of your choices. You will not learn anything or truly experience this humanness if you remain “equal” or “bland” during your life.

This thought that you must remain equal in all things comes historically from the monks and mystics who shunned human contact as an interference with total exploration of their essence, which they felt could occur only in silence. Let’s explore the modern day.

At Home two souls may share and embrace in the energetic unconditional love which is their essence, but they cannot enjoy the physical interaction that is reserved for physical bodies. Some souls even take a life in order to incarnate for the rest and relaxation of a touchy-feely existence, and to experiment with all forms of physical love. To not avail yourself of this unique human trait while working on your other life lessons is to deny one of the benefits of being human.

But to exhibit this very human trait does not necessarily mean that you are attached to anything. Attachment is a state in which the soul surrenders control of itself to another, giving up its freedom of choice. It is possible to enjoy exchanges with and long to be with another person, without being attached.

To test if you are attached ask: “Can I function without him?” “Will thinking of him prevent me from following the lessons I am learning?” “Am I able to think of him and the pleasure his companionship brings without losing myself in my memories?” If your answers are “yes” you are not attached. Sadness may simply arise from a wish to enjoy something you know you would enjoy if it were available at that moment.