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“Spacing out” during meditation

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Q: Masters, I seem to have trouble in my attempts at meditation. When I am in a group I find that it is easier to maintain a measured path without drifting all over the place. But when I am alone, not only do I float all over, I also find that I “space out” for a short time every once in a while. What is going on? Is this interrupted meditation a suitable substitute for a sustained quietude to enable spiritual growth?

A: We applaud you for recognizing meditation as one tool to enable spiritual growth. When people are able to shut out the day-to-day distractions of society and their own ego, they are able to communicate with their souls and retrieve some of the wisdom that has been earned in prior lives.

Your experience of ease within a group is a rudimentary part of the process of rising above daily distractions and reaching a level of energy above the human ego. An individual may find it difficult at first to go there alone, but effortless to ride on a group energy where each participant contributes a small amount of the total energy.

Once a person has experienced sufficient trips to a higher level of consciousness in a group, they generally find it simple to reach the heights themselves. Repeated visits to this place shows your guides and others your desire to learn from them and to gather former knowledge.

Sometimes when you are adding this information to your mind’s databanks, where it is easier for the body to access it, the Spirits help to download a massive amount at one time. This is like a zipped computer file that your mind can then unzip and peruse at its leisure – or when you have a use for the material. You would become overwhelmed if conscious of the vast amounts of these downloads, so you “blank” out while it is happening. We assure you that it is all occurring as you had previously planned.