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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008


Dear fellow souls, there are many ways that communication takes place on your planet. The most common ones are visual and verbal. There are more subtle ways to convey feelings by actions whether overt or incidental. You also have the energetic sensations that flow from one individual to another.

Communicating is very important to you because you respond to the believed condition of those around you. If you cannot convey to your sweetheart that you love her, she may despair and look for solace elsewhere. If you think an enemy is about to strike out at you, you may act first so as not to be caught at a disadvantage. Wars have begun for lack of a common language or true understanding of the situation.

How must communication be conducted? You must go beyond the words or the written testament and feel what the author truly had in mind. Your human languages allow for irony and sarcasm as well as heartfelt sincerity. If you cannot figure out whether the speaker is being truthful or whether, in jest or frustration, he is being sarcastic, it is impossible to have a meeting of the minds.

When in communication don’t restrict yourself to words. If face-to-face with someone, look into that person’s eyes and reach out to the energy in the room. Is it comfortable? Is there tension in the air? Can the person not make eye contact? All of these are subtle clues as to the speaker’s intention—much more so than the words being uttered. Trust what you feel about the entire situation.

But lest you rush in and begin a war when your opponent is merely nervous, ask what his intentions are. See if his posture and energy change into a friendlier pattern. Use all possibilities to find out what is being said.

In love, light, and laughter,

The Masters of the Spirit World