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Listen to your Body

Monday, June 16th, 2008


Q: Masters, I have been having certain aches and pains in my legs. I cannot associate them with anything in particular that I did to cause discomfort. In the past I have had the habit of blocking out physical pain and just motoring on. I now seem to be able to feel all kinds of things about and within my body that I was never aware of before. What is happening to me?

A: It is always possible for your mind to block out your bodily issues, and therefore potentially cause harm to your body, by denying that there is a problem. You were always told “no pain, no gain” so you denied that anything could be wrong. What was considered normal by society was your goal.

Your body was younger and stronger at that time and was able to weather a lot of abuse without causing permanent damage. As the body ages it is not as able to rebuild and regenerate the slight tears and strains. Another factor that is now present is your spiritual acceptance of having a responsibility for yourself, including your body.

As you reach the point of being able to feel your own energy comprising your soul, it opens up the sensations of the vessel that contains your soul, your physical body. This is an important aspect of regulating yourself. With your intention and ability to manifest changes, if you know what is broken, you can direct its correction.

It is important to take periodic inventory of your physical equipment: Are my muscles properly tuned? Can my digestive tract handle the nourishment it receives? Is my body properly hydrated? What can I do to insure my soul continues to have clothing?