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Schizophrenia a doorway to Spirits

Friday, June 13th, 2008


Q: Masters, my little sister has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is always talking to invisible beings whom she calls angels. They appear to be of immense comfort to her. I was very surprised when she picked up one of my metaphysical books which discusses the current philosophical and spiritual understanding about the soul and she was able to not only explain the concepts to me but also to go several steps beyond what was in the writing. I asked her where she had learned so much about the soul, and who we are as souls, and she responded that her friends the angels and she have continuing discussions on the subject. What is your view?

A: Frequently when a physical being has a condition such as schizophrenia it places them in a situation in which they can dissociate from their physical being. In this condition they are unaware of what we consider our physical limits; they can reach beyond the normally accepted physical constraints, into the energetic vibrations. Once in the higher vibration they are able to freely converse with all the souls residing there. (This is what we like to call the range of Home).

Your sister spends part of her time communicating with angels and masters and this seems perfectly normal to her. She is even surprised when others cannot join her in these discussions. While she is thus engaged it is as if she were in a very deep meditation. She reaches levels of quietude that yogis and monks attain only after years of practice.

You have always been aware of your sister’s superior intelligence and of the curiosity that motivates her. It makes perfect sense for her to investigate the entire circumstance around life and living, both as a physical being and as an energetic soul.

She is your sister in order to provide you with a mentor for information concerning your own spiritual pathway. She is capable of answering all those lingering questions you have yet to answer. Just ask her.