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Sensitive to energy

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Q: Masters, I am getting this feeling that my current house is not where I should be. It seemed to have this beautiful energy when we moved in, but now I sense that the surrounding area has become corrupted and negativity is creeping inside, and if I do not leave, illnesses will arise. Are my perceptions correct? What should I do?

A: As in all of life’s lessons, you have freedom of choice as to how you wish to experience them. You are very sensitive to energy, and as time goes on, the subtlety of that sensitivity is increasing. You can now perceive minute amounts of energy waves and they are beginning to have an impact upon your body.

When you moved into your current house, the only energy that was present was the calm Earth energy that ran with the land and the peacefulness left by the former residents. Since you have been in the house, those who have moved into your neighborhood have shifted and sullied that peace with hatred and lawlessness.

Your current neighborhood is being positioned to be the center of a gang war. There are drug transactions occurring within sight of your beautiful house. If you remain in that house you will find yourself becoming a virtual captive in your own castle. You may stay and experience this if you like, but it is not a lesson that you had envisioned for this lifetime.

If you wish to live in a home without outside energetic control, you are going to have to move. You need to be on land that has running water to facilitate your continued energy growth. The flow will enable you to wash away outside influences and to have only your own perception remaining.