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Who are you?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, many of you repeatedly worry about who you are within your environment. You have many abilities and talents but don’t have the faith or confidence in yourself to pursue one with all your energy. Worrying about what the rest of the world thinks about you, or if you meet their expectations, derails your fledgling attempts at getting comfortable with an identity and the choices that help create it.

To aid your search, we ask, “Just who are you?” Are you a soul on a journey of self-discovery? Or are you a human who must please other humans? Both are paths that will take you through this adventure you are having in your present body. Neither is right or wrong. They are simply different ways to live—the choice is yours alone. Don’t let the decision take all your effort.

If you wish to please those around you, listen to what they say and sometimes demand, and mold your behavior to the belief systems they impose. If you are at a point to establish your own earthly soul journey, take the proffered information from others and then feel if it resonates within you. If it does, follow it. If it does not, reach inside to find the vibration that motivates movement for you. Define the identity you choose to live.

Love, light, and laughter to you.

The Masters of the Spirit World