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Completing life lessons

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Hello, fellow souls! We wish to talk today about completing contracts that you entered the Earth plane to fulfill. You may have looked upon these as life patterns or even as aberrations along life’s pathway. 

In fact, these are your life lessons. You made arrangements with some of your friends in soul form to help you experience various challenges. You may have wished to feel what betrayal, abandonment, upheaval, or a sense of loss is like. You didn’t always determine the exact manner in which the lessons would be played out, but just the end result.

Betrayal may be a broken promise to a child, a cheating husband, or false accusations from a close colleague. Abandonment may be your partner or parent’s walking out on you, or the death of a close family member or friend. Being in the midst of a devastating natural event, or being uprooted as a child by your parents to move to another location may be your expression of upheaval. You can experience a sense of loss from the death of a parent, child, or pet, or in the loss of your employment. Each of these examples affords you the desired life lesson.

What do you do once the event is completed? That’s the other side of the equation. These experiences are called “life lessons” because you came to Earth to learn from them. In each of these scenarios if you fight the emotions and feelings that come during the experience, you do not allow yourself to learn. You must embrace the energy of the experience so that you have an imprint of its power—then you will not need any further examples of that lesson. If you do not embrace the sensation, you do not make a record of the feeling, and therefore you must go through the experience again until you allow yourself to feel.

Embrace each day and every experience with love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World