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My life as a flower

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Masters, I have a need for living things around me—particularly bouquets of cut flowers. Is there some reason for this? What creates this need in me? What do they represent for me?

Bouquets represent the cycle of your life. Within the flowers, the living, breathing essence of nature shows all the stages that you go through in each incarnation. Your need to have living things around is to affirm for yourself that you are alive in every positive way. The flowers are the beauty that is within you that you do not always see outside of you, so you compensate with the flowers. In this beauty, that you love, you feel love.

Arranging the flowers gives you the sense of control in your life of which you feel a lack. With the conscious arranging of the flowers you sense that you can truly manifest the life you desire. It gives you hope and a sense of fulfillment.  But just like the life of the flowers is finite, so is the reality of living through their blossoms.