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My daughter’s friend Tinkerbell

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Masters, my four-year-old daughter has been talking to an imaginary friend since she began speaking. We always thought it was kind of cute and didn’t try to discourage it too much. Over the holidays we were watching a program from Walt Disney World and were shocked when our daughter went up to the screen and asked how her friend got into the picture. When we could figure out what she was saying it appeared that her imaginary friend looks just like Tinkerbell—wings, wand, and all! We are at a loss to know what to do next.

You should welcome your daughter’s friend into your world and see if she chooses to call it Tinkerbell or something else. Your main consternation comes from the fact that you thought she was talking to an angel or guide, or just using her imagination. Surprise her. Introduce yourself to one of her guides who just happens to have taken the image of a fairy.

Souls who assist people on earth can take any form they desire. Frequently they assume a shape that is comforting to their charge, or one that reflects a recent life experience from which the charge has just returned. This particular guide has spent time as a garden sprite. A soul that is very connected with the energy and rhythm of Mother Earth takes on the characteristics of nature.

Your daughter is comforted by her little friend and they play together as she learns about using her body to move from place to place. Her inquisitiveness is peaked and she will continue to explore nature and the things around her.