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Dreaming pets

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Q. Masters, you have said in the past that humans frequently leave their bodies at night and travel to other locations. I have watched my pets while they sleep, particularly my dogs, and they twitch, growl, and move their legs as if they are running. Do animals also leave their bodies during sleep?

A. Some animals do travel out of body at night. The soul that inhabits your pet retains memories of other experiences just like a human soul. They like to go and visit other places and other times.

Not all of the activity that you are noticing has to do with outside movement. Animals also dream just as you do. When they are dreaming they cannot tell that they are not awake so they react to the activity. It is very similar to humans walking, talking, or crying out during sleep. The more active animals are during their awake time the more active they are during their sleep time. As pets get older, and have difficulty moving, their sleep activity sometimes means that they are reliving the glories and triumphs from their prime, and their degenerating bodies don’t exist in those memories.