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Letting go of pets

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Masters, my cat is very old and I think that she is in pain. I know that she cannot see or hear much because she scratches me when I disturb her. She means so much to me I can’t let her go. What do you suggest?

Just like a young child, pets don’t understand what is happening to them. You must consider the quality of life that she is living at this time. Pets start out like any child needing you to care for them and make all the decisions for them. Children mature and become independent. Domesticated animals do not.

Animals age at a much faster rate than humans, so as you spend time together the pet becomes the age of your grandparents, while you may still think of it as your child. You are now holding on to her for your own sake. She is in a state of confusion, feeling cut off from the world because of failing sight and sound. In nature she would go off into the woods and await the inevitable in some safe little den.

Honor the time you have spent together and let her move out of her debilitated, restricted body with dignity. She will thank you and honor what you have given up for her comfort.