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Overwhelming sadness

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Masters, this time of the year I have a sadness within me that can’t seem to be quenched. What is causing it, and what can I do?

Have you ever noticed that during the period from Thanksgiving through New Year and beyond, you have a little more time away from work? When you are off you tend to go and see the new movies or watch all the tear jerker oldies on the tube. In some climates, when the weather gets colder or wetter you don’t spend as much time outside and cabin fever begins to build. Your response to these restrictions is to become introspective and—if you aren’t happy with yourself—all the old bad times and unfulfilled wants will pop up.

Suddenly you are overwhelmed with loneliness, missing a mate or friends who have moved or moved on. All those happy families and parties on the movie screen make you yearn for companionship. So you wallow in your sadness but don’t do anything about it.

Now is the time to move into new areas. Go out to community activities, return to your church, or if you have been going, start going to some of the groups there. Take a class at the local high school or night school, join a singing or a sports group. Extend yourself. Go out to meet others who are also looking around at this time of year. Share yourself.