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The election process

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Hello, fellow souls. We have been observing your world and what you call the election process. Many countries have totally different ideas about getting input from their citizens. We see that in many places those in power wish to remain there even if their people are trying to move their country toward granting citizens human rights, or even ensuring democracy. Fidel Castro, who is 81 and in ill health, will run again with the government’s blessing, even though a good portion of the population wants change.

We notice that when results don’t go the way the party currently in power desires, there are frequently reprisals against the upstarts. Kenya broke down into ethnic cleansing, and Pakistan reverted to supporting religious beliefs by martial law and by eliminating the opposition. Leaders in other nations impose requirements allowing them to control who can vote, disenfranchising many by arbitrary edicts. This was seen in Georgia, Iran, and Nigeria. Some countries respond by postponing their elections, as in Lebanon where ten elections have been cancelled to date.

Now, you may be asking why the Masters are taking so much time to comment on these trends. We wish to remind you that no one can do anything to change another person unless that person chooses to change. You have no right to complain about the way your world is being run unless you express your opinion to others and try to implement change in the manner allowed by your country.

Peace be upon your planet and with you.

The Masters of the Spirit World