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Cheating husband

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, recently my very faithful & loving husband met a girl overseas and had physical intimacy with her. He believes she is his twin flame as they had such a strong sexual and mental connection. Now he can’t stop thinking about her. It is ruining the family life and slowly me. He sincerely wants to stay with me but he is thinking about her all the time. I don’t know whether to leave him or not, or if he will ever be able to connect in the way with me again. Is she really his twin flame as I suspect she is out for his money as well? Please tell who is she and her real intentions and should I forgive my husband. He sincerely wants to try for this relationship again but I can’t forget the hurt and pain that he inflicted on me. ~Santhi, Singapore

ANSWER: Both you and your husband are involved in a series of lessons. You have been co-dependent since you met. Both of you have been able to grow a lot because each of you only had to deal with the issues that the other didn’t. This recent change in your relationship has opened up all the things for which the other person has not been responsible, and has asked each of you if you are ready to learn these lessons.

This woman is not your husband’s twin flame or he would not have been able to tear himself away to come back to you. She is someone with whom he made a contract to come into his life at this time and force him to think about what he values in life. Is his love for you and the family—and he does love you—more important to him than the excitement of a dangerous-feeling fling? There is no permanence with this woman but a lot of volatility and adventure, a vacation he seeks to prolong.

Your husband has been craving action, the sensation of not being tied down or obligated, as he has been feeling. His lesson is to determine what he wants from his life; the choice is his. It is possible to love two different women for two very different reasons. You have been his support; she his current excitement.

Your lesson involves what you feel about yourself. Are you strong enough to trust your feelings in this situation and follow through with them? You must take a look at why the hurt and pain was so strong. You can feel negative emotions only if you let them in and feel you somehow deserve them. Your husband’s actions are a part of his life plan; neither of you owns the other. You are perfectly right in not tolerating his behavior, but you did nothing wrong so why feel hurt or pain? You are a magnificent soul on a journey. You choose the direction and the stops along the way. Let your innermost feelings tell you what to do next. You have a keen intuition; allow it to guide you.

When mother leaves

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my mother passed away 9 months ago and I’m finding it difficult to live on this planet without her. I have this need to be with her. I am working on raising my vibrations so that I can find peace and joy again in this life without her. Grief is a very low vibration and I cannot stop crying. While meditating and listening to spiritual meditation recordings I began to overflow with sorrow and tears. I took care of my mother for many years and feel lost without her. How can I get out of this grief state? I often think of suicide. ~Ronnye, USA

ANSWER: When a person’s adult life is dedicated to taking care of another, their energies become entwined. Your mother stayed on the planet as long as she did because you were feeding her from your energy supply for years. You are experiencing withdrawal right now. Your plan was to be in this position sometime during this life and to see if you could learn the lessons it brought to you.

So far your life has never been about you. It has been about taking care of others and not having to find solace in your own life. Therefore you have never had to find love within. As a matter of fact, you don’t know how to love yourself. You have it as part of your belief system that your purpose is to love and care for others and that it is selfish to love or pamper yourself. That is not the spiritual path, which is to find and connect with the unconditional love of the universe—the essence of the soul.

Believe it or not, this is your life! Your mother would not have wanted you to continue caring for her by pining away for her after she left this plane of existence. Grief is a very low vibration; it is a negative energy that holds off positive love energy. To raise your level of vibration you need to choose to rid yourself of negativity of any kind.

The way you begin a positive life is to tell yourself every morning that you are going to find something to love about the day. Become aware of the world around you; you have missed so much over the years. Embrace the life that is out there. Feel the breeze against your skin, hear the birds and animals, enjoy a smile and pleasantry with your neighbors. Within the world you will find love and a reason to start a new life.

Lessons of love

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, can you tell me: what is my practice in life with my mom and previously married husband? Both of my families have been very difficult, relationships in mess and are still persistently hanging on that way. Can my ex-husband (we) ever live together with pure love? I really doubt, but he will not let me go, even though we are divorced. He says he loves me forever. Is that Love? Is it worth trying a therapy together? ~Mari, Finland

ANSWER: Your lessons involve learning you have freedom of choice in all aspects of your life. Your home situation was one of being constantly told exactly what was expected of you. You were never asked your opinion or given a say in what happened. You were unable to develop a sense of self-worth or confidence. You were controlled until you found a way to break away from the control.

Your marriage was another kind of control. Your ex-husband is not in love with you; he is mourning the loss of a prized possession that he seeks to regain. He is not even aware what true love feels like. You have some difficulty there, as well, since you have never experienced it.

You need to go in search of love. First comes knowing what love is by getting a feel of self-love. You may experience it in the connection with your soul that lets you sense your own unconditional love. Once you know the “feel” you will not allow yourself to settle for anything else.

It is also time to let the past go completely. Don’t let any lingering negative feelings from your mom or your ex cling to you. If they come into your mind, accept that they are examples of what you do not wish to have, delete them from your memory, and move on to better and more pleasant feelings. Choose to have a new life that is filled with loving events you choose for yourself.