When mother leaves

QUESTION: Masters, my mother passed away 9 months ago and I’m finding it difficult to live on this planet without her. I have this need to be with her. I am working on raising my vibrations so that I can find peace and joy again in this life without her. Grief is a very low vibration and I cannot stop crying. While meditating and listening to spiritual meditation recordings I began to overflow with sorrow and tears. I took care of my mother for many years and feel lost without her. How can I get out of this grief state? I often think of suicide. ~Ronnye, USA

ANSWER: When a person’s adult life is dedicated to taking care of another, their energies become entwined. Your mother stayed on the planet as long as she did because you were feeding her from your energy supply for years. You are experiencing withdrawal right now. Your plan was to be in this position sometime during this life and to see if you could learn the lessons it brought to you.

So far your life has never been about you. It has been about taking care of others and not having to find solace in your own life. Therefore you have never had to find love within. As a matter of fact, you don’t know how to love yourself. You have it as part of your belief system that your purpose is to love and care for others and that it is selfish to love or pamper yourself. That is not the spiritual path, which is to find and connect with the unconditional love of the universe—the essence of the soul.

Believe it or not, this is your life! Your mother would not have wanted you to continue caring for her by pining away for her after she left this plane of existence. Grief is a very low vibration; it is a negative energy that holds off positive love energy. To raise your level of vibration you need to choose to rid yourself of negativity of any kind.

The way you begin a positive life is to tell yourself every morning that you are going to find something to love about the day. Become aware of the world around you; you have missed so much over the years. Embrace the life that is out there. Feel the breeze against your skin, hear the birds and animals, enjoy a smile and pleasantry with your neighbors. Within the world you will find love and a reason to start a new life.