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Can a soul choose to de-evolve?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, in that reincarnation is a given, and humans cannot “de-evolve” when reincarnating, becoming a dog after incarnating as a human, would it be accurate to say Charles Darwin’s theory was slightly off kilter? It seems to me that all the evidence points to a certain degree of accuracy on both sides of the argument of Creationism vs. Evolution. Neither side concludes their argument nor can they stand on their own under close scrutiny as independent and correct assumptions. They do not agree with natural law. When you look at reincarnation under the guise of spiritual evolution would it not be prudent to conclude that when the “spark” breaks off from Source it would “experience” life in an evolutionary manner not starting out life as the most highly evolved creature but as the least? And then through successive incarnates, and progressively increasing vibrational experiences, the spark experiences lives from the amoeba all the way up through, dog, cat, and dolphin before moving into the human form? ~Mark, US

ANSWER: There are a number of things you did not consider in this theoretical question. First, there is no linear time in the universe or in the existence of the soul. The only place that time exists as you know it is here on planet Earth. It is based on the rotation of Earth around the sun. In linear time it is possible to record an evolution of species based on continued sophistication.

Souls are composed of energy without a body that can show a change pattern similar to that of Earth species. There is no spiritual evolution but an “awareness” of self by whatever means the soul uses to obtain it. A soul may do whatever it chooses to do. It may become an animal after being a human, or incarnate in 1900 AD and return to 600 BC when finished. A soul follows no linearly dictated rules. It is all powerful, all magnificent, and all creative.

As seen purely from a dualistic, third-dimensional perspective, neither creationism nor evolution tells the whole story because neither takes into consideration the soul’s freedom of choice. Since neither observed the progression of the planet for more than a few decades, they also were unable to have a “start” and “finish” to the respective theories. Your “natural law” again is a construct of planet Earth and does not affect non-physical energies.

The purpose of the soul’s coming to Earth is to experience this duality by means of learning lessons. The lessons have nothing to do with the Home vibrational level of the soul because it comes down with amnesia. It is impossible to explain the spiritual non-physical while handicapped by the use of only physical terminology.

Born with awareness

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am conscious of being in a human being form. As a human being I am conscious of myself. There is nothing additional to search for and there is only the one that is experiencing this existence—self. My question is: Why do I perceive this? This awareness is automatically happening to me. My consciousness is rising and my remembering of the current self and “I” that is one. And it has always been since I have come to be in this form. ~Duma, Finland

ANSWER: You are one of the newer souls on the planet who did not come down with total amnesia. From the beginning of your human consciousness you were aware, not only of the human body you inhabited, but also the essence of your soul. With awareness of your soul you had a sense of what you have been before even as you know yourself now.

You chose to be on the planet at this time because of the transitions that are occurring. You are a guardian of the doorway to awareness. You had thought that you could be of service to others at this time by helping them with their confusion. You have the ability to assist tremendous amounts of energy to come into the physical, and with this energy you can assist people in balancing up their bodies for the coming times.

You, of course, have no obligation to become involved, but your expertise would be extremely beneficial. A few other souls are beginning to have these same types of memories and also need assistance in understanding. You are much more evolved and can help them see that the memories are not symptoms of some type of mental discord, but rather spiritual awareness.

To get acclimated, spend time in quiet meditation, going inward until you connect with your unconditionally loving core energy. Others are going to be drawn to your energy and they won’t know why. Talk gently to them of their fears. This is the reason you came down here.

Walk-ins vs. attachments

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, what is the explanation, or the explanations, for the experience of people who interpret spiritual change in themselves as what has been, very broadly, called a walk-in soul change? Ruth Montgomery coined the phrase, channeling guides through automatic writing. They said it was when a soul willingly exits and another agrees to take over. However, one of those she profiled, who was supposedly a famous person who had ‘come back’, told me—and this was channeled via his guide—that, instead, his original soul was always there but had been ‘enhanced’ by an assisted, transformative ‘link-up’ with other soul energies’ info for a greater task. Others have still more varied understanding of their apparent changes. Is any of this real? Is it ‘walk-in’ or what can we understand it to be?  ~Patrick, UK

ANSWER: There are such things as walk-ins where one soul is finished with its body and another steps in without having to go through childhood. The phrase appeared first in the Seth materials. There are never a lot of walk-ins on the planet at one timeit is actually quite rare.

That said, there is another reason for the experience some people have of their personality’s changing during their lifetime. There are those, such as your mentioned soul, who have an entirely different experience: They are taken over by another soul (a discarnate), and both exist in the body until the soul’s body commands the possessor to vacate.

When a person dies and their consciousness does not want to admit they have died, or they want to remain on Earth instead of going back Home, they need another body if they wish to interact with other humans. They cannot just jump into someone else without their consent, so they generally try to convince the living person that they can benefit them in some fashion.

In the reported case, the famous person craved even more fame and the discarnate came along and promised him that together they could do even greater things. This was tantamount to an invitation that was accepted by the spirit, and a joining took place. The confusion about what happened, which came through the guide, was the result of the soul’s not having learned the lesson of responsibility and still trying to figure out the event in a way that appeared to be positive.

A moderate form of change can also occur when a discarnate energy attaches itself to a person and influences their behavior and thinking. It does not enter into the body but is present at times to give its “opinions” to the human. This is fairly frequent when you have a person who does not like to make decisions and is constantly asking other people for their opinion.