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Will clones have souls?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, with our DNA technology, we have successfully cloned “Dolly” the sheep. I understand we now have the technology to successfully clone humans. Other masters have said that “all is one” and that the soul creates the Earth body. If that is true, who resides in a cloned human body? You, Masters, have also said that every human being has a soul. But if a cloned human body is created by human technology, will a soul inhabit it? And if so is it the original soul from which the body came or a different soul who wants to experience life as a clone? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: We are glad that someone has finally asked this question. There is much confusion about when a soul enters a body and how the process comes into being. In order for the body of homo sapiens to be viable and sentient, it must be inhabited by a soul. And we agree that all energy in the universe is the same, or one, everything having come from Source.

The soul does not “create” the physical body; it rather creates the environment it wishes to populate, using its freedom of choice. It will choose a location, parents, genetics that it wants to experience. A life as a clone would allow for some very interesting life lessons to occur, such as ambiguity, a sense of aloneness or not belonging, or being a possession, pet, or plaything of the DNA manipulators.

The soul, which is necessary to animate the physical body shell, would still have its memories of past lives it had lived, but there would be very little influence from the DNA patterning from the biological parents if it had been drastically altered to birth just the right clonal qualities.

The clone would be the sole possession of the soul who chose it as a vessel. Viability of the cellular bundle would be known before a soul would choose to inhabit that body, and it would be a conscious choice, knowing what difficulties would possibly be presented.

In a relationship is sexual attraction a given?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I just started dating a man who I find attractive on different levels. Sexually, I find I am confused about my attraction to him. I don’t know what to do. Don’t we both deserve to feel the other person is sexually attracted to us and to be attracted to the other? Can this energy change? I don’t want to judge but maybe I am feeling his aura or own belief about his appearance, can this energy shift? I want us to have mutual desire for each other. ~Lisa, Israel

ANSWER: You are no longer a teenager who is pulled into relationships via hormones, pheromones, and sexual lust. The entirety of the person now impacts your decision. If something besides sex, such as a sharing of hobbies, work ethic, or ideology is the driving force behind such a connection, then that is the primary moving force that begins the relationship. Sex is always nice, but not necessary if you connect on so many other levels.

There are no specific rules for a deep attraction to take place. There is no step-by-step process to making a kinship work out for the parties. Stop putting so much thought into this fun, enjoyable time for you. Don’t put obstacles in your way. Just sit back and let your mutual friendship grow into whatever it is meant to be.

When you analyze a situation, you almost automatically start judging things. Then you start a comparison between this association and what you experienced in the past. That is being unfair both to you and the new beau. Every soul, every human, is different. Embrace the differences and explore them.

Energies are never static—they shift constantly. Your reality or interpretation of what you are feeling also shifts frequently. Go into your feelings and let them tell you what this union is all about. Don’t try to structure it; enjoy it.

Overhearing discarnates

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I had a waking dream/vision thingy, where two evil entities were talking in bed. Part of the conversation was of great importance, I quote ‘We trap their souls in (it was either their or our) mind so they can feel everything that’s going on but don’t know why or have any control.’ There were also some other interesting bits, but that’s the main point I wish to know as I have never come across anything like that or heard of anything like that before, except possibly in coma patients. Is it possible for a soul/spirit to be trapped? If so how can one fight against or reverse such practices? Also whilst here have you ever heard of people or demons (for use of terminology) being able to drain and empty another person’s energy or soul/spirit? ~Phillip, UK

ANSWER: You do a lot of astral projection and out-of-body travels. You just happened to pop in on some discarnates (souls that have left their bodies but have not gone Home) and overheard their plans. What they were talking about is the possession of a physical body both by the original soul and by a discarnate soul who enters and overpowers the consciousness of the owner.

First, let us be perfectly clear: A discarnate cannot enter into a soul’s body unless it is invited into the body in some fashion. It doesn’t have to be a formal invitation. The person can be despondent or drunk and say something like it would be nice to have a lover or companion and BAM! the wandering soul steps in. If the recipient is a weak-willed person and the inhabitor is stronger, he will take over the personality of the body, imprisoning the consciousness so that it no longer makes decisions for its own body.

We are talking only of the physical consciousness of the body; we are not talking about an imprisonment of the soul. This is a lesson for the soul to learn how to extricate itself from the situation it started. With effort, the soul may affect the consciousness enough to involve another party who can help it recognize what is happening and tell the discarnate it is no longer welcome within the host body.

You can prevent such an occurrence by watching what you give permission for and by shying away from the use of such things as Ouija boards, where you are inviting anything drifting around to come and play with you. Every morning when you awake, if you ask your guides and the universe to allow only beings of the light and those coming to you for the highest and greatest good to interact with you, you are protected from darkness.

Coma patients are trapped within the body without a means of expression but very rarely ever have a possessor present because it would also be trapped.

Energy vampires that drain one of energy don’t have to be non-physical or discarnate. Any soul that is negative has the ability to pull energy from your physical being if you have not protected yourself as described above. It is almost impossible for it to drain enough energy to have your body cease functioning, but it can make you susceptible to illness. One who cares for very ill or dying people has to watch that the sick do not drain energy to try to heal themselves instead of moving on. In these cases, the soul is not affected at all.