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Can’t call it quits

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend, Simon, and we were very close. This past year we’ve had a rocky patch. Every time I try to walk away from the relationship I struggle. He doesn’t seem to be able to walk away either. The problem is we don’t have fun anymore and keep falling out. I can’t help but feel we are in some way connected on a deeper level. Are we meant to be together in any sense or has the time come to walk away altogether?   ~Andrea, UK

ANSWER: You and Simon are from the same soul group. You have incarnated many times together to help each other understand particular lessons. In this lifetime you were to help each other see how to open up to someone and feel what a sharing relationship is like. You have accomplished that purpose—just think back to the most intense encounters you have shared.

Once you have gotten to the point of understanding your lesson, you will have nothing else to teach each other, so you will be able to walk away permanently from the relationship. You had planned for a short interlude and not a lifetime encounter. You have both sensed that it was time to find another, and to apply what has been awakened, but that old familiarity keeps dragging you back together—much like the old, worn-out bedroom slippers you just cannot allow yourself to throw out. The new and unknown is scarier.

Your relationship has shifted now that you have completed your mission with each other. You are still soul mates, so there is still a comfortable sense in the other’s presence. It is up to your freedom of choice what you do from here on out. You can split completely so there is no temptation from past acts, you can remain confidants, or you can remain friends: it’s your choice.

Awakening the kundalini

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, is kundalini energy dangerous? What should you do if someone thinks they might have got this after some yoga exercise (tingling sensation in hands and feet and on head and warmth feeling under feet and sometimes faster heartbeat)?  ~Erika, Sweden

ANSWER: The Kundalini or kundalini energy is life-source energy, directly connected to your essence and, therefore, to the oneness of Source. To tap into this energy is the lifelong dream of mystics and aspiring masters. The name comes from the Sanskrit meaning coiled, sometimes translated as snake. This refers to the fact that it remains coiled within the physical body until it is awakened through intention or by stimulation of some sort. Yoga practices, meditation, psychotropic drugs, and other means may cause it to uncoil and rise unbidden.

Since it is so powerful, it can affect the senses in all kinds of ways, from the ones you describe, to out-of-body experiences and psychic expansion. With discipline, the kundalini energy may be brought under control and used to connect to Source energy, your soul essence, and the unconditional love of the universe, generally called “bliss.”

Kundalini energy is only dangerous when people get freaked out by its appearance and fight the effects. There may be a psychic break from third-dimensional reality, causing difficulties with everyday life. If they relax and meditate on these new, enlarged feelings, they will learn to control when it is active and how far it transports them into the other dimensions. If you suspect or are aware that the kundalini is causing you discomfort, you may use your intention to push it back into a coiled, non-reactive state.

Crime and the shift

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, we have been so traumatized by recent events: the wars, the corruption of our leaders, and the pain of many who are suffering the effects of the economic downturn. It would seem logical that we would see an increase in crime associated with the poverty and anger that is so obvious at this time. Yet, we read that both violent crime and crimes against property have decreased significantly in recent years. I don’t think these statistics are false, because many small communities around us have built new jails that are sitting mostly empty. Can you help me with this mysterious contradiction?  I believe that there must be a rising of consciousness that is turning us toward better solutions to our problems. ~Jamie, USA

ANSWER: Your observations and your beliefs are in tune with the current energy. People had lost connection with their neighbors and lived their own lives away from their neighborhood and city. As financial fears have set in, people are staying closer to home and getting acquainted or reacquainted with their neighbors. They are attending functions close to home and establishing a feeling of belonging and responsibility.

When you feel isolated from others you don’t care what is happening to them or to their property. The only important thing is that which affects you directly. With the closeness caused by the fear to venture forth, the range of sight has been restricted. Your neighborhood is now the same as your own house; your city has become your neighborhood. People are stepping up and watching and caring for others, and this is creating a “crime watch” which results in a crime-free zone because the criminals sense the vigilance.

Neighbor is helping neighbor, so that sense of desperation is alleviated. Would-be thieves are being helped by new friends. Potential drug addicts are getting help from family and friends. Communities are beginning to raise the children again. And the largest change is the energy that prevails.

As the planets shift in the cosmos, the energy is shifting to a lightness and clearness that enable souls to tap into the higher non-physical dimensions, if they so choose. Even those people who are not working on their spiritual paths feel the lessening of tension. As the number of lightworkers who are approaching awareness of self increases, the force of positive thought will predominate over negative thought. Everyone can help in this shift by holding positive intentions for themselves and for the planet.