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Information from the past

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am an intuitive and have had many visions over my lifetime. However, I have had increasingly vivid visions of one of my past lives here on Earth. It relates to the current events now unfolding. I just need clarification as to what to do with this information, or will it reveal itself in time?  ~Epiphany, USA

ANSWER: As the veil is thinning, more and more Earthbound souls are reconnecting with those in non-physical form. Information that you have lived, witnessed, and have been a part of, is coming back into consciousness. The things that are thrusting themselves at you at this time are mainly geared toward assisting you to realize facts about yourself and your true essence.

While you are seeing these things for the events themselves, look at them instead for the feelings they engender within you. They are showing you your strengths, which you can use to get you through the transitions. They are also pointing out your weaknesses, lessons you have not completed, so that you may work on them.

Human life on the planet is cyclical. You lived during the last cycle which is being repeated at this time so you have an advantage in your memory cells. What you are experiencing is mainly for your benefit, but you may also assist others in their journey of enlightenment by telling them of your trials and tribulations and how they allow you to learn more about your soul. All of these things will become evident to you if you are open to the energy that accompanies each cycle.

Automatic communications

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, recently, while in a relaxed state, my hands took on a life of their own. It was like some sort of sign language coming through my hands. It was really very fast and really strange. I found that I could stop and start the phenomenon at will. Do you have any explanation of what this was? A friend recorded this on video, too.   ~Julia, UK

ANSWER: All souls have lived many lives in human form; they all have memories of what they did and what they learned as a result. Throughout many lifetimes you have been a communicator. It has been your job to record and convey information in many different ways and through many different languages. This need to communicate is surfacing. Your relaxed state was like a meditation, allowing your higher self, or unconscious self, to come out and control one of the means you possess for delivering messages to others, and to your present self as well—your hands.

Your hands were alternating through two forms of communication. The first was a form of sign language that you have employed in the past to allow those in hearing-challenged bodies to understand your teachings. The second was more your own recording process for cataloging your journey. Had you placed a writing instrument in your dominant hand you would have seen automatic writing develop.

May we suggest that you allow this to become a part of your life and a way you may always be in contact with your higher self. When you are in a meditative state, or first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, place a pen or pencil in your writing hand and let it rest on a piece of paper and ask, “What is it that is important for me to know or remember?” Then let it have its own way and see what happens.

What appears at first may not be readable. It may come in another form of language than you currently use. If this happens, ask your higher self to make the information such that you may understand its nature and be able to learn from it. The most important thing is have fun with this. Have no expectations that might divert you from being totally open.

The importance of loving self

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have always struggled with an eating disorder and been overweight most of my life. I am an Indigo adult, and during this ascension process we’ve been through, I have struggled even more to lose weight and am told it is normal to gain weight as a way to keep grounded to this physical reality. I am currently 80 pounds above my ideal weight. It makes me feel miserable about myself. What should I do?  ~Ivy, Brazil

ANSWER: Many energetic patterns are currently making the rounds among souls on the planet. Those who are openly sensitive, such as Indigos, Crystals, Stars, and Lightworkers, are feeling a sense of being ripped apart or picked up by the flow and being blown all over the place. One of the unconscious automatic responses is to weigh yourself down so you are not so drastically affected. Hence, a lot of souls, who are not merely affected by the horrid diets that Earthlings have adopted, are putting on weight to keep themselves in physical reality—or grounded, as you say.

This is, however, an unconscious act. It makes it easier for souls to go through their lessons because they aren’t thinking about themselves, just what is happening to and around them. When they open up their view to include the physical container they are wearing, their human body, they are aghast at what they have allowed to occur. Their response, then, is to hate the physical and retreat more into the spiritual, which is non-judgmental. What is happening is a rejection of the love of self that is an aspect of true enlightenment. Perceived physical happiness and comfort overshadow a healthy physical covering for the soul to continue easily on its journey.

Explore that aspect of yourself which is self-love. Accepting the love within will enable you to take the steps necessary to change your current appearance. Realize that you are a piece of Source and are all-powerful and magnificent. As such, you may create any reality that you wish. In the physical, this reality must include the discipline necessary to see a result. Intention is only the spiritual side; exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the physical side. Love yourself enough to change. Feeling miserable about yourself only makes you seek more physical comfort, which equals favorite foods. Allow only positive thoughts into your day.