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Taking control from attachments

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have an attachment which I am not able to get rid of. I have tried a few healers to no avail. Also, I worry that I am not able to see my past life. I went to several therapists, but nothing is working. ~Louise, Singapore

ANSWER: You give too much control of your life to others instead of trusting in your own abilities. Your attachment is not a negative one but rather an inquisitive entity. It is taking a lot of your strength because it is so curious to experience an Earthly body and wants to understand feelings, so it is tapping into yours. This entity is around because you gave it permission to hang out with you. This occurred when you mentioned that you had a need to be able to help others understand what this life is all about—feeling this would help you.

You will be able to release this attachment by revoking permission for it to be with you. This can be accomplished on your own, or with the help of a healer or a hypnotherapist. In each case it is necessary to access your higher self in the subconscious for your essence to talk to the being, thank it for the experience it has allowed you, and send it on its way.

One of the reasons that you have been unable to go into a past life is this attachment. It is aware of the fact that hypnosis takes you into your unconscious higher self, and it fears that once you are there you will tell it to move on. It is placing thoughts—of this inability to go deep enough out of conscious thought to reach your unconscious—in your head and you are seeing this as a limitation to moving forward. Know you have the ability to be in contact with yourself, and then do it!

Is it spirit or is it soul?

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I want to understand more about our spirit and soul. What is the difference between them? If our spirit evolves, in what way does this affect our soul? What does our spirit evolve into? If, as you say, our soul is unchanged, then does it mature like wine or cheese? (This would make more sense to me.)   ~Dave, UK

ANSWER: This is primarily a matter of semantics. The various nuances of the English language, and the common interpretations placed upon certain words by different groups, are very confusing. For all practical purposes the spirit and the soul are one and the same. Whenever one experiences something, the other shares in the benefits.

If you want to get down to specifics, soul is the term that has come to be associated with the essence of each being, the energy of Source that defines an individualized piece of Source. Spirit is a term that has become associated with the human consciousness of the soul. The soul is the unconscious state, or the repository of all the experience that has occurred outside the range of this incarnation’s consciousness.

You can think of the soul as the internal organs of the human and the spirit as the skin that is visible to all. Whatever happens to the skin affects the health of the inside and vice versa. The soul is generally not visible to other humans unless they are very enlightened. The spirit of a person may be seen and felt by a majority of the population.

So what happens to these definitions when the soul leaves the body? If the person goes Home the consciousness is one and the same—soul and spirit. If the person has difficulty getting Home, the spirit remains cut off from knowledge of the soul and wanders around trying to contact people and other spirits to determine what has happened to it. At Home, awareness unites them.

Lessons verses manifestation

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I believe our thoughts create our reality, yet I also believe we come into lifetimes to learn certain lessons. I am trying to reconcile these two beliefs as they relate to my current situation. I am extremely shy, which has caused me great pain my entire life. About 15 years ago, I started my spiritual quest and was so hopeful I could change this behavior using the universal laws. I even made a huge move because I felt I could “conquer” anything by following these principles. I am miserable! I have found it extremely difficult to make friends and feel totally isolated. Family who I thought would help me, have not. Looking back and knowing my personality, what was I thinking?? Can you help me put all of this in proper perspective?  Can I change this personality trait and if so, how?  ~Adrian, USA

ANSWER: The common factor in both of these principles is freedom of choice. Before coming to Earth you chose the lessons you wished to experience. Your family and upbringing then defined your world for you through implanting belief systems controlling the way you lived your life. Some of these things were rules of behavior for society and common sense, but others were how they thought you should define yourself. These included what you thought about yourself and how you would interact with fellow humans. Your life-lessons came into play here because they influenced the strength with which various things affected your ability to readily change your feeling through freedom of choice—what you call creating your reality.

Your main difficulty has been the way you have approached creating your reality. An example of this is your term “hopeful,” which shows that while you accept you have the ability to create, you believe you might be able to do it but don’t know for a fact that you can. You have given yourself an excuse for not creating what you desire.

Your initial belief systems told you that you are less than other people, not as good as they are. This formed your lack of self-worth and self-confidence, creating your shy persona because it kept you from having to interact with people. Thinking yourself “damaged goods,” you have felt unequal to others and therefore a failure. One of your lessons in this life was to find the inner strength all souls have and to take that power and create the other events you need to grow—to love who you are and have the faith in your ability to create that perfect world. It is not too late. Tap into the power within and, with total love for yourself and for the journey you are on, know you can “conquer” anything and everything. It is up to you; no one can do it for you.