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Universal energy

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

QUESTION: Whenever I read about the Law of Attraction, every source states that requests are granted by “the universe.” To be more specific, is this your higher self or your guides? And what is Universal Energy?  ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: The majority of the materials that speak about the Law of Attraction are trying to appeal to mainstream people, to average citizens on the street who need to have a belief in something because their world is not to their liking and they need to believe it can be changed. A lot of the general public right now still take part in organized religion, or are those who believe in a god outside of themselves who is required to change things for them and to satisfy their needs and desires. These books and people are substituting the word “universe” to imply a god source or divine presence outside of and different from the people themselves.

We say that the soul attracts to itself that which it needs to experience for growth and understanding its own nature. Everything that exists is energy. The conscious aspect of this energy is universal, all knowing, all seeing, always present, and magnificent in every facet since its point of origin is the initial spark of energy in the cosmos that religions call God and we refer to as Source energy.

Everything comes from this Source energy, which is, in totality, called “universal energy.” All souls, and everything else that exists, are composed of this universal energy since they, at one time, were a part of that mass. When you intentionally call to yourself a needed experience, the circumstances to provide that event are brought to you by the energy around you—universal energy if you like—which includes your higher self and your guides, since all are a part of the everything.

When can I expect results?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, even though I have decided on using my free will to change the course of my life, why is it that my circumstances do not seem to oblige? I am trying out many different pathways, but I always seem to come up against a dead end. Must I accept this as a message that my lessons from this situation are not over yet, or can I continue to try and change it? In the latter case, I must also put up with the energies of my struggle. I pray for help, but I am wary now because I recently learned from one of your messages that praying gives energy to the polar opposite of a given situation and makes it stronger. ~Indu, India

ANSWER: You are getting fixated upon a specific result that you desire. You are frustrated because your specific expectations are unfilled. We caution all not to get into the habit of placing your intentions into the form of too specific an expectation but rather go toward a goal, the path to which may be winding. When you focus on one and only one possibility, if something even better appears you will not see it because you are watching only for your expected destination.

What is right for you today may not be what you need tomorrow. If you have invested all your effort into seeking what you thought you needed yesterday, and your needs are different today, you will never be satisfied. Be open to the flow of the energy around you. Always reach out to see how a particular situation feels to you. You may find that something you had never considered feels absolutely fantastic to you, and you can stop for a while and bask in its energy field before having to move on.

A soul never chooses only one experience for an entire lifetime, so stop searching for the one thing that will make you happy and complete. When a position does not feel good to you, stop and ask what about it does not feel right to you. Go into those feelings and ask why they are there. Those inner discomforts will show you what is not finished or working in this lifetime. Once you identify these thorns you can remove them and move on with your life.

When you revert to prayer you are saying that you don’t have faith in your decisions, so you want to give the control of your life to someone else to make your decisions for you. You are saying you can’t handle life, so life gives you more with which to deal. That is the part of intensifying what you are praying about. A better practice is to ask your higher self, “What is it that I need to see and finish, so that I may move on?” While this may be seen by some as a prayer, it is a soul searching within to get rid of blockages.

Seeing what you’re doing

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I feel as though I have been on a soul journey for years. During this time, I left my boyfriend only to return again and again. I had to find myself after wasting 11 years in a strict, religious brainwashing cult. I haven’t really been happy even though I’ve tried to find the happiness within myself. Being extremely sensitive, I really am alone. I find interaction with people more annoying than actually fulfilling, as people tend to offload on me and only seek to be heard. They show little interest in return, so I find it hard to meet mature people who are conscious of the art of conversation and of lifting other people’s spirits. I have developed my skills (psychic, channeling, writing, and art) but what’s the point if I’m to face the future alone? I’m still a young woman! I feel like a tree in a desert with no water. Without water, it withers and dies. ~Shelly, Australia

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth to learn about themselves; the whole time here is a journey. While you are aware of that fact, the majority of souls are not. They find themselves to just be a part of humanity seeking experiences, prosperity, and love.

You have been on a series of treadmills. In romantic relationships you do not know what you seek so you returned again and again to your boyfriend because physical contact was the only thing you accepted as love. Your experience with the cult for 11 years was similar: attention, and being a member, was your substitute for love. By your admission what you are seeking is happiness—your definition of happiness. You want people to behave as you think they should, providing a path for you to lift your spirits, which you believe will make you happy.

No one can influence or control another person unless the person consents to that change. No one can make you happy unless you choose to be happy. If it is as simple as your making that choice, you don’t need anyone else to do it for you. You condemn and judge other people for not fitting your pattern. You are not happy within that framework, so how would other people provide that happiness if they were like you?

You have to learn to love yourself for who you are and what talents you possess. Love is the answer, not some envisioned sense of happiness. When you love yourself it will radiate out from you and other loving individuals will be drawn to that beacon and share the ride with you.