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Unconditional loving world

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, why do souls choose to go through incarnation after incarnation – experiencing the same scenarios of murder, guilt, mass fear, hate and all the extreme polarities to learn the lessons over and over again?  Since souls are unconditional love, can all the souls make a contract to experience life in a well loved environment? For example, like the inhabitants on Inner Earth, Telos? I understand all souls have a free choice considering our unconditional loving souls wouldn’t we want to reincarnate and experience all the positive attributes with less polarities? I believe we are all meant to come down to earth to have happy experiences.          ~Chusan, Singapore

ANSWER: You have brought up many different issues in your questions. We will first comment on Telos for those who on unaware of it. Telos is a location, in another dimension that is not visible to most people in the current third or physical dimension, where a number of souls that had been inhabitants of Lemuria chose to relocate after the sinking of the continent of Mu. Its physical location is approximately inside Mount Shasta in Northern California, USA. This had been the eastern part of the continent before the majority sank into the Pacific Ocean.

The inhabitants had reached a very high level of enlightenment prior to the sinking. Most were living in the fourth dimension of unconditional love feelings before their physical home was no more. Some chose to stay on planet Earth in this state of bliss creating a home in another dimension on a physical planet. There are other planets within your physical galaxy which have similar unconditionally loving environments where souls can assume a physical continence so they might enjoy the physical delights of such a state of being.

Earth was created to be different than any other physical location. Its appeal to the learning process of the soul is its polarity. The soul’s choice to come to Earth is to experience life within the polarity, or state of negativity, that cannot be found anywhere else. Each soul does not choose to experience everything you have named all in one lifetime. These things may be occurring on the planet when they are there but they will not participate in any more than they are capable of learning from at a time.

You may choose to go to other places than Earth to have your life. Even within this polarity you may have plenty of happiness upon Earth if you complete the lessons you came to learn and remember your true nature – which is unconditional love.

Wishful thinking vs creating reality

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, What is the difference between wishful thinking and creating your own reality?  I know from hindsight we create our reality. I’m pretty sure about my creativity in my marriage. I ‘m pretty clear about what my husband is creating – he is not. From therapy I’ve gotten handles on my beliefs. I feel like my spouse and I are getting along fine, making progress, then in therapy he states no. I see signs that we are creating a better marriage. Then he announces he wants to be alone that I’ve won. I wasn’t fighting; he insists that this is so. I understand these are his creations.  I think most times I’ve created a better reality. So it would seem like I’ve been engaging in wishful thinking instead of doing what it takes to create a happy relationship. Last summer I had 3 lucid dreams where we made love. I thought this was a wonderful sign. But just the opposite, he stopped making love to me. How do I tell the difference between creating reality and wishful thinking?      ~Margaret, USA

ANSWER: The main problem you are having with your creative process is that it does not always work for another person. You can create your own reality but others may not choose to live in that reality with you. Your husband is resisting your desire for happiness. He has some lessons to work out regarding control issues. He sees your desires to make things work out for the two of you to be your desire to control his life. Right now, if you say it is raining, he will say no it’s not.

Perception is another difficulty that exists between the two of you. To one person a nice sunny day will make the flowers grow, bring fresh air with the smell of spring, and make them feel delightful. To another person a sunny day is horrible because it causes the weeds to grow that have to be pulled, they will get sunburned and peel, and the air will bring pollen to make them sneeze. Same day – but totally different interpretations. You are both seeing things from different points of view.

The only wishful thinking you have engaged in was your lucid dreams. You needed something you were not getting from your husband. Unfortunately, he felt this as a threat since your dreams could provide something fantastic that he was unable to provide. Now, he does not want to let you have something for comparison that might not stand up to inspection. He needs to work out his own inner demons. You are a reminder to him that it is possible to be happy if you allow yourself. He doesn’t think he desires it at this time.

Role in family strife

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, My sister seems to cause a great deal of unhappiness in people around her such as her children but especially to herself. I often want to help but feel uneasy and scared around her and have no confidence that my input would make any difference. So what of the role of those on the edge of disturbing and unhappy events–respect the free will of the souls involved or respond to my own feelings of distress and repulsion — thus facing my own fears of getting more involved?               ~Dave, UK

ANSWER: You have done an excellent job of pinpointing the issues that are involved in the lessons of your own life. You are aware that you can’t make another person change unless they want to change. Nonetheless, it is possible to sometimes stimulate another to think about the issues they have so they may address them.

Your sister is currently engaged in the practice of being in the “pity-pot”. She is  always thinking “woe is me”, my life is a mess and everyone around me is in the same state. Of, course she is the source of that state of discomfort. She is very selfish and wants to be the center of attention, nothing and no one can please her. This results in the misery to all.

Everyone within her circle of unhappiness has chosen to be there for one reason or another. It is their lesson to find out why they are there and how to extract themselves. As long as each remains they reinforce the focus point, your sister, and things will not change. If each person recognized that they have the ability to remove themselves from the cauldron, and did so, then your sister would be left to see she had to deal singly with her depressive sadness.

You must deal with your feelings of repulsion and distress. What do they make you feel? We don’t mean just those emotions, but what do they make you feel about yourself? Go into those feelings and at the bottom of the cause is the solution to banishing them forever. The fear of getting involved has more to do with what will be said to you and the way you feel about that then the action of having your say.

Examine why the statements of others affect you so much. That is one big lesson along the way. If anything said to you has a negative affect you are accepting all or part of the statement as being true. Go into the statement and see if you truly feel it is correct. If it is negative – you have brought to light another issue with which to deal. Go looking for those fears and doubts in your life – they are the lessons.